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When a Libra Man wants to Marry You

When a Libra Man wants to Marry You

marrying libra man

Marriage is an institution whose existence is being questioned every day. Yet, there is a charm to this part of life that has existed for so long. Even now, whenever people think about a family, they start by getting married. And when you marry the right man, it brings all the joy you can hope for. So, what about your Libra boyfriend or partner, who has or is about to pop the question? Is he the man that you should spend the rest of your life with? Making the right decision is extremely important. Thankfully, Astrology is here to rescue you from this ordeal. I am sharing with you an insight into what life will be like should you marry your Libra Man. Whether you do or don’t is up to you to decide!

marrying libra man

Understanding the Libra Husband

This man is the epitome of romance. There will never be a man more romantic than this one. You will be living a fairy tale romance. But the fairy tales don’t tell us what happens after the prince and princess walk into the sunset. That is when the reality sets in. But don’t worry it isn’t all that scary. He is a man who loves to prove his point. So, no matter how hard you try, you can never win an argument against him. There will be a strain in your relationship too. There will be times when you will fight to make him see reason. But when the storm has passed, his charm itself will be enough to keep you mesmerized.

However, for all his arguments, he will have a hard time making up his mind. You will have to be the decision-maker in the family. So, prepare well for he will throw questions at you that you will need to answer, to get him to agree with your decision. But he will never be unfair, to you or anyone else. It might not be the judgment you agree to, but it will be fair in his mind. Injustice is something that this man cannot stand. So, don’t expect him to always be on your side. When you are wrong, he will let you know. This will seep into his parenting style too.

He will always be fair to his children, never letting anyone take advantage of the other. He will exercise discipline with quiet authority. Even the punishments will be explained well to let the child know their faults. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t seem excited about the idea of having children. Libra men aren’t the fatherly type. But that is before their children are born. After the birth, they weigh the loneliness before the birth against the joy after. Then, he plunges into fatherhood with a sincere desire to enjoy it and normally ends up as a doting parent.

How to Make a Libra Man Miss You?

Now, he doesn’t make decisions easily. So, you have to induce him into making them. If you want him to realize that he needs to propose, make him miss you. Start that by being the woman he wants in his life. If all your memories together are filled with happiness, then he knows what he craves for. Shower him with praise and compliments. Genuine ones though, for he hates unfairness. Don’t give him everything at once. Make him crave for more. Try to control the pace at which your relationship moves. This means that you will have to spend a lot of time apart.

This brings us to our next point, give him the space to miss you. If you cling to him all the time, then he doesn’t have to miss you. Text him to let him know you enjoyed the time you spent together. But don’t start a chain of texts from there. Or respond after a while. Another mistake that a lot of women make is to love by fear. If you make him believe that without you his life will be worthless then he’ll be miserable in the relationship. And therefore, it will not be something that he would want continued long term. So, let him be his own person while you enjoy your own life.

This brings us to, give him his space. He will truly feel you need when he starts missing you when surrounded by others. That is a gamble you will have to take. Once this happens, he will be all yours.

How to Make a Libra Man Obsessed with You?

 libra man obsessed

 Libra men are known to have a tendency to be fickle. So, you need to make sure that he remains obsessed with you. Enough to never think of another woman in a romantic way. To begin with, always keep yourself tidy. There is nothing that puts him off more than an untidy woman. Untidiness means lack of organization in one’s life. Not a quality he wants in his partner. Shower him with compliments. He will never admit it, but the Libra man loves to be praised. Showering praise is their way of knowing that you love them.

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Also, be clear about and communicate what you expect from him. He is not the man that would figure out your emotional needs on his own. If you don’t want to end up getting mad at him, let him know the emotional implications of his actions. Like how, sometimes, you want him to support you even when you are wrong. Don’t cause unnecessary drama. There’s nothing that he hates more than disharmony. If he sees you as someone who is capable of maintaining a harmonious life, he is not letting you go. More importantly, have an exquisite taste. Libra men have a taste for the stylish life. If they see you as having a taste that is unique then they will stay hooked.

How to Get a Libra Man to Marry You?

It isn’t difficult trying to get the Libra man to marry you. If he has been with you for long then half the battle is already fought. It is a blessing to have a Libra husband. Even after the children are born, this man still will not let his parental affection to replace his romantic feelings. So, how do you get him to propose? The most important thing is to be on the same wavelength as him. You need to know when it is that he feels inclined towards proposing. If he isn’t ready for it, then forcing him to do this will only push him away. If he doesn’t seem ready yet, then you need to play your cards right.

Keeping his interest in you is of extreme importance here. For that, remember to keep the romance alive. There will be no lack of romance from his end. But you need to reciprocate too. Surprise him, pamper him, proclaim your love for him. Anything to let him know you are just as mad about him as he is about you. Make it known to him that you two complement each other. Appreciate his tastes and develop your own, if you don’t already have them. His love for a refined living is just too strong. He needs to see that you two are made for each other. Your eye for his furniture choices or the paintings that hang from his wall will be very beneficial.

And always have something to talk about with him. Libra men love women who can stimulate their minds. If you create this atmosphere where he feels like you are the one, then a marriage proposal will be coming your way soon.


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