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This is how you should be loving a Cancer man!

This is how you should be loving a Cancer man!

This is how you should be loving a Cancer man!

Cancerians are known for their extremely sensitive nature. Don’t be fooled if you find he shy when you meet him for the first time, there are deeper layers of mystery within. He won’t really open up soon and it might cost you serious efforts to make him open up to you. If you are someone trying to win him over aggressively, you will be disappointed at the results. A Cancer man will take his own time to trust you and will keep a watch on you from close quarters. They tend to a have a mixed aura, by which I mean at one moment he might appear shy and the next, very much at ease around you.

This is how you should be loving a Cancer man!

The moon being the ruler of this sign, this Zodiac will take you through a roller coaster of emotions as is the case with the frequent transformations of the moon. Handle him with care for his utterly sensitive character will won’t be able to handle any sort of rashness. If he mistrusts you, he will retreat back to his shell. If you feel ignored at the first instance around this sign, don’t take that to heart for he is a soft soul on the inside despite carrying a hard persona on the outside. His gentleness and care is an utter delight when you are in a relationship. Most of the times you will find a Cancerian home for this is the place where they feel the safest. Their intuition is too strong and you can’t fool around for long around this Zodiac.


What do they expect from a lover?


A Cancer man would rather stay single than trust people easily. Earning his trust is a tough job and you have to be consistent in your efforts to prove you love to him. You have to make them feel extremely secure. They like being comforted so much so that you might dub them clingy. They have deep seated fears and mistrust of the world. If you have a fickle nature, your relationship might hit a roadblock for he will have a hard time believing what you tell him.


So they expect you to understand that and give them a safe haven. You have to be able to give as much as you receive from this Zodiac. If you break his trust, be sure he isn’t someone who will forgive you easily. If you are caught cheating, you will find it hard to regain his trust back again. He is a family guy and won’t really love to linger in unchartered territories for long. He loves indulging in good food. So, a way to his heart can be through his stomach.


How does a Cancer man express his love?


Generally, a Cancer man finds it difficult to fall in love. His sense of distrust tends to be a hindrance in the process of attaining love. Falling in love at the first sight is a rare phenomena among Cancer men. In fact they don’t really believe in the concept of love. However, if they are convinced that you are the one, they will probably fulfil all your expectation you have from a partner. Not just would they spend lavishly on you but also fill your emotional needs.


Seldom would you have to ask him to help you with anything. He will be there to rescue you from your distresses. You would be amazed at his loyalty. His sensitivity is unparalleled and your needs will never go unheard if you can win the trust of this man. Sex with him is quite a romantic affair for he craves for en emotional connection to indulge with you. As caring as he is with your feelings, he will please you equally in bed. However, don’t try and get to aggressive with this man. It will intimidate him causing him to pull up his guards. A slow and steady approach is the best way to have sex with him.


Zodiac signs which are compatible with the Cancer:


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Pisces, Libra, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio


Zodiac signs which are incompatible with the Cancer:


Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius



How good is he with his money?


His investments are always solid. He isn’t reckless with his money, meaning he will make wise choices rather than make impulsive spending decisions. He doesn’t believe in any shortcuts to get rich. So, money management is something that he has mastered. He doesn’t like being flashy. So, whatever he spend on himself will be selective, yet reflecting of sophistication. He would love to have a job that gives him the liberty to stay back home for this is the place he is the happiest. He has a good sense of business for he is very careful with his connections and money.


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