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What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!

What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!

What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!

Life is hard. More often than not, things will turn against your expectations. It is how we deal with things which are not according to our plan, that defines us as people. However, no one can be expected to have a brave face all the time. Every now and then we find ourselves faced with something that pushes us into the deep pits of depression. These changes or particular happenings in our surroundings have a very strong effect on our responses. Depending on the zodiac sign, every person has a different response to certain circumstances. But knowing what gets to you helps in healing. Thus, here’s a blog on What Makes You Most Depressed, Based On Your Zodiac Sign, so that you stay ready to take on whatever comes your way.

What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!


(March 21st – April 19th)


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is likened to a baby by Astrologer Linda Goodman. Much like a baby, this zodiacgets depressed when it doesn’t get the attention it craves. I am a living testament to this vice in the Aries personality.  We might seem like arrogant, attention seekers, but the thing is that when we don’t get the spotlight we feel like we are doing something wrong. That is enough to send the Aries into a spell of depression and self-doubt that rules their days to come. Till some savior comes along and throws them back into the center of attention.



(April 20th – May 20th)


The bull knows how to play it safe. The play all their cards right and secure for them a very comfortable situation. This much security can only be attained by minimal risk and doing everything that has been proven to cause no casualty. However, what this leads to is stagnation, which certainly depresses this zodiac. They need to keep moving on the road to progress. Always achieving more and overcoming new challenges. But they often forget that there’s nothing gained if nothing is lost. When life comes to a halt, then even the most secure position throws them into the pit of depression and self-doubt.




(May 21st – June 20th)


We all get depressed when our heart is broken. But time heals wounds, doesn’t it? Not if you are a Gemini. This zodiac takes a heartbreak the hardest. You will see them laughing or socializing but know that the heartbreak has set in a prominent depression deep down. They can never in their life ever get over the betrayal or the love that has left their life. They will find new partners and love the same or even more. However, the memory stays with them until the very end. And for a very long time, the depression that comes with the heartbreak stays in their shadow.




(June 21st – July 22nd)




The ability to express their emotions to the fullest is both a boon and a bane for the Cancerians. While they will be in the seventh heaven when happiness is around, but once something remotely threatening to that bliss shows up they fall into a long period of depression. This zodiac is prone to feeling all kinds of emotions at once. So, you might see them isolated from the crowd and interacting only when absolutely necessary. When they are feeling down, they cannot seem to see that happiness might be around the corner. The world seems to be at an end to them and the Cancerian will lose all of their characteristic energy.




(July 23rd – August 22nd)


The lion needs to be in control of his tribe. How can he do so when he isn’t even in control of his own life? The people of this zodiac are used to having their way with things all the time. So, naturally, when things don’t go the way they want to, they fall into serious depression. It can range from anything to everything. It might be the guy that the Lioness has had a crush on for some time now. The job she has been working for. The movie tickets that sold out just as it was her turn in the queue. They cannot stand not being in control of how things happen around them. The realization is just so hard for them to bear.




(August 23rd – September 22nd)

What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!

The Virgo doesn’t need any contribution from outside to feel depressed. Their very existence is a cause of great sorrow to them. The people of this zodiac focus on only the negative aspects of their life. Thinking endlessly about everything that will go wrong with their life is their cause of depression. Virgos are characteristically pessimistic. While sometimes it can be considered healthy, too much of this characteristic pessimism can lead to long spells of melancholy. Virgos you really need to take it easy sometimes. The world will never be as perfect as you want it to be.




(September 23rd – October 22nd)


The people of this zodiac have so much kindness to spread that not being able to do that becomes a cause of grave concern for them. The absence of their loved ones around them causes this zodiac to enter the state of depression. Not just their loved one, they need to be surrounded by people who they can help. They are constantly on the lookout for charity cases, for they give the Libra purpose in life. It’s not that they want people to be in need, but being alone or without some cause to work on makes them question their own relevance in this world.




(October 23rd – November 21st)


All their life the Scorpio has been ready with their pincers out front to take on whatever threatens them. The people of this zodiac are warriors, always ready to take on whatever life throws at them. Thus, the one thing they fear most is fear itself. Whatever set fear in the heart of a Scorpio sucks them into the chasm of depression. It can range from a threat to a loved one they cannot help, or the fear of their imminent death. They cannot take it when there isn’t a way out of something especially when it haunts them.



(November 22nd – December 21st)


Not everyone is able to keep up with the speed at which the Sagittarians flow. They are always moving from one thing to the next. Doing this or that. They are a one-man army, right? Wrong. While this zodiac can go solo whenever they want to, sometimes the thought of being alone strikes them. This thought of probably being alone for the rest of their life depresses them. When this happens, they find themselves in a real fix for no one can keep up with them. They haven’t been able to find their perfect match and they don’t want to change their free-spirited life. Thus, depression ensues.


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(December 22nd – January 19th)

 What makes you most depressed depending on your Zodiac!


I’ll give it to you straight. Imperfection depresses Capricorns. Any sort of imperfection can instill this depression in the people of this zodiac. For example, the fact that they are continuously aging depresses them. The fact that their body will not be as perfect as it now makes them melancholy. The Capricorn works hard all their life to set everything into place. The fact that all of it will go to waste, or has gone to waste makes them extremely sorrowful. Even those around them should be able to uphold their standards of perfection or be ready for a rain check.




(January 20th – February 18th)


People love the Aquarians for their out-of-this-world personality. This zodiac takes pride in it too. But sometimes being the purple line on the Tokar can leave a person lonely. This feeling of not belonging to their surroundings is what sets in the depression for this zodiac. I have mentioned many times how Aquarians are probably from a different planet. So, while they enjoy their time on earth most of the time, not being able to relate to the humans around them makes them sad. This is imminent for Aquarians for they will find themselves in situations where those around them have a hard time understanding them.




(February 19th – March 20th)

The wise Piscean understands the importance of family. They know that the reason human civilization has been able to continue for so long is the love that binds a family. Thus, their depression trigger is trouble in their family life. While they understand that life will not always be all sunshine, when things get extremely out of control, they get worried. Some disagreements here and there are all right, that they can take. But when family members act like savages, the people of this zodiac find it very hard to keep their spirits up. They believe that the love that the family has should always prevail over every difference.


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