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9 Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You!

9 Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You!

signs leo man likes you

The charming Leo man has women swooning over him all the time. The attention is so strong that he almost forgets what it is like to court a woman. A less courted Leo man will come out and tell you that he likes you. But what do you do about the man who still doesn’t know how he feels about you? How to know then if a Leo man likes you? You look at the signs! Leo male is one of the most expressive men in the zodiac signs. Not only are they vocal about their feelings, but also give away their inner feelings by being themselves. So, I’m going to reveal to you signs that a Leo man has feelings for you. But you need to be the one to identify!

signs leo man likes you

1. The Two of You Will Have Endless Conversations

Have you ever seen anyone born under the Leo zodiac sign engaged in an endless conversation with the same person? Are you that person? If yes, then know that this Leo enjoys your company dearly. Leo men and women cannot stand boring or uninteresting companies. They even get bored with the people they do find interesting. But not when they have a crush on someone. They can talk to their crush endlessly. And the conversations can go almost anywhere. He knows how to hold a conversation. Especially when he wants it to prolong. But this sign isn’t the ultimate indication. So, let’s look at all the other indicators.

2. He Finds Ways to Make Occasions Romantic

He is trying to gauge your reaction to being romantically involved with him. So, the Leo man will try his best to make any occasion involving you romantic. He would suggest taking you to some restaurant he found. Or plan some other incursion that involves just the two of you. remember I said he has forgotten how to court a woman? Well, he hasn’t forgotten what comes naturally to him. These things that he is doing are his natural instinct to having a crush on someone. And be sure that all the places he proposes to take you to have a romantic feel to them. Is he taking you out on romantic excursions? This is just one of the ways to know Leo likes you.

3. He Asks You a Lot of Questions About Yourself

Getting a Leo to talk about anyone other than themselves is a feat. Very few zodiac signs are able to achieve this unsolicited. And that doesn’t end well. But if you see him asking you questions about yourself, know that he isn’t just trying to remember facts about all his friends. He couldn’t care less about what’s going on with someone else’s life. But when it comes to the people he cares about, he wants to know everything. Don’t be surprised if he comes wearing a shirt of your favourite colour. If you are interested in him, then it wouldn’t hurt to give the same attention to him. Ask him questions about himself. He’ll see that as an indication of your interest in him.

4. He Seeks You Out in a Crowd

 how does leo man show interest

Even when you are with a group, he will find a way to be by your side. Leos like to stay closer to the people they like. So, even if he has to cross a thousand people, you will see him by your side. And if you have noticed him, he doesn’t just stand next to anyone. You see, the king always has a place to stand. A vantage point, from where his dominance can be felt by all peasants. But he is ready to descend from that vantage point just to stand next to you. You know he likes you when he starts making sacrifices like these. It may seem small to you, but they have great importance to a Leo. He is into you!

5. He is Super Enthusiastic Around You

There’s a common misconception about fire signs. People think that we are hyperactive and filled with enthusiasm all the time. But here’s the truth, that is the side they want people to see. They keep their calm inside of them. But when a Leo man wants you, he’ll be extra enthusiastic around you. He wants you to feel how happy and carefree life will be with him in it. And it works, doesn’t it? The pleasantness in contagious. You are one lucky woman if the Leo guy is going to these lengths just to impress you.

6. He Does Special Things for You

I’m not talking about diamond rings and necklaces. But that would be weird, wouldn’t it? That’s not how Leo men roll. They have a very subtle and classy way of making you feel special. Like showing up at your house with flowers when you take sick leave. Or bringing you a cup of coffee. Or offering his services when you have to get something done. This is also how the Leo man, secretly in love, acts like. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s falling in love. The Leo man likes to make the women he wants to make special bonds with feel special too. Hey! Who knows where it can go from there?

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7. There Will Be Some Physical Contact

If he isn’t the type who likes to hug people, the Leo man will be reserved about who he touches. But when he has a crush on someone, he will find reasons for physical contact. There will be some hugging, some hand holding. Lingering on handshakes and things like that. If he is a bold Lion, he might even tuck your hair beyond your ear. The regular Lion isn’t shy about his affections. He would do everything that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

8. He is Possessive and Gets Jealous Easily

 signs a leo man is falling in love with you

The Leo man shouldn’t be the only one to shoulder this blame. All fire signs have a problem with jealousy. Even if he has a crush on you and you aren’t dating. If sees another man trying to court you or even make you laugh, he’ll boil with jealousy. The Leo guy feels that once he has decided that he wants someone, everyone else should back off. No, he doesn’t go crazy and make a scene. He would just make it known that he doesn’t like this other man who seems important to you. Especially since he isn’t related to you.

9. He Asks You Out

The Leo man can’t keep all of this up for long. He has to ask you out. And so, he will. When he feels like you have given him the green signal, he will make the move. But of course, if he feels like you aren’t interested then he won’t. The last thing he wants is to get rejected. Another thing he can’t stand is waiting when he can speed things up. And like everything else about him, this will be done on a grand scale too. He will make you feel special from the beginning to the end. It will be difficult to say No. Don’t be surprised if all the information about you that he has gathered plays a role in your first date. I told you he doesn’t just like to collect facts.

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