If your man does these five things, Be with him!

If your man does this 5 Things, Be with him!

You all must have heard the phrase “Action speaks louder than words.” It’s true in almost all aspects of life. But here I am gonna use it to relationships. In today’s world, we all are concerned with ‘how to know whether a person is right for me or no’. To be honest, there is no fixed formula to figure that out other than risking your heart. But there are some simple things which you can look for to know if they are the one or no. No, don’t believe on their words because words can easily be thrown around. Here are things that show you should be with that person.
If your man does this 5 Things, Be with him!

  • Honesty and Loyalty

Always remember that nothing is above your self-respect. If someone constantly lies to you or cheats on you, don’t even think about giving them chances. The problem is people mistake when to give chances and when to just walk away. You have to understand that honesty and loyalty are ingrained qualities, it won’t change because of you. It is just how the person’s character is and once fixed it mostly is always constant. Also, don’t believe in words if you can see they are not honest in their actions. Always see their actions and it will help you.

  • Comfort in being weird

If your man does this 5 Things, Be with him!
Life is too long and it won’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time. And it’s time like these that you will desperately need a laugh or just be all weird rather than being an adult. Be with someone who not only likes the weirdness you carry but also shows you theirs. This weirdness builds a trust between you both like no other. So if you want to dance in your underpants they wouldn’t mind joining you or you cry on animated movies and they feel it’s adorable. These are signs that you have found someone you should cherish.

  • Anger doesn’t mean you stop caring

If your man does this 5 Things, Be with him!
The one thing this generation has not decoded is the difference between liking someone and loving someone. Please understand that love is constant work and it just doesn’t end on ‘I love you’ or a marriage. This is where the work starts because there will be days when you will not like the person you are with but you have to still love and care for them. There would be things which would throw you off but instead of dishing it all away you need to try to work it out together because that’s what love is all about. You have heard the vows; it says in sickness and in health. So, find someone who does the same with you.

  • Get your priorities right

Have you ever been in a relationship where after a long day you just want to talk to your partner but they are busy on their phone or Television or any other thing? Well, I have been in and you feel really disappointed after some time in such a relationship. In today’s tech savvy world it is very easy to get distracted but you need someone who has their priority right. They should be ready to put everything away and be there for you and you should be able to do the same for them. In a relationship, you both should be each other’s priority. So when you have a bad day you know you got someone who’ll make it alright.

  • Love you for you

If your man does this 5 Things, Be with him!
This is a very cliched thing to say but also really important. You can’t live a life as someone else no matter how much you love the other person. So you need someone who knows everything about you and accepts it. You should be able to do the same for the other person. As the first point said be honest about who you are and save each other the effort of finding out later. Be yourself and the right one would fall for that person instead of tweaking you to their comfort.
These things aren’t a sure shot indication of finding a partner but it will help you to stop getting into relationship with the people who don’t deserve your time. If I missed something please add it in comments.


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