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Matchmaking Trends in India

Matchmaking Trends in India

Matchmaking Trends in India

For many years we are hearing from people that marriages are made in heaven and are celebrated on earth. Over the past few years, in India a huge rise is seen in the number of marriages which are being made over the Internet, which is also making it easy for the youngsters to find their suitable match. Internet has completely taken control of our lives, as whatever we need to find we use it, including love. The funniest thing about love is that no matter how universal the feeling is, every person will experience it in a different manner. While many people are open to finding love by looking at a passport size picture on a matrimonial website, after making sure that all the economic and social requirements are met. However, many others think that it is the new age-way of arranged marriages in India.

For those people whose notion of love involves getting to know the person behind the profile, over many cups of coffee and most probably after a few dinner dates for them the most visited matrimonial portals could prove to be a challenging platform to work with. The matrimonial websites of the 90s were not able to cater the needs of the Indian singles anymore, however today the matrimonial websites have come up with a new type of communication wave to cover up the bridge. The creators and managers of these new era matrimonial websites have all either gone through problems finding matches on traditional websites by themselves or have watched their friends and loved ones gone through the process.

The parents of many bachelors usually in an offshoot of keenness create profiles of their children on several matchmaking websites and leave it on even after their children get wedded and have children of their own. So now to make certain this trend does not endure, the new matrimonial websites ensures that the profiles are created by the customers themselves. An owner of a nuptial website said that “we ask our users to answer a comprehensive list of queries before they create an account and make sure that their parents won’t be able to answer some of their personal queries.” Moreover, these websites also insist that the users should be personally involved in their matchmaking process.

In this new trend of matchmaking the modern matrimonial websites have made a built in software or you can say an intermediary who will only help connect the likable matches. However, the trustworthiness of the summaries available on these matrimonial websites is considered to be one of the major concerns for serious match seekers.

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For keeping the police on their toes with marital fraud cases and to raise the client base of private investigator services, matrimonial websites have done it all. To discourse this concern, the modern era trend matrimonial websites certify that their users get to see the right person they have selected. Perhaps, with the arrival of new websites to cater the matrimonial matchmaking needs of the urban Indian, we will surely see a shift in the way matchmaking is done and perceived in India.

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