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MUST SEE movies: PK, Highway, Black, Queen

MUST SEE movies: PK, Highway, Black, Queen

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MUST SEE Bollywood movies: PK, Highway, Black, Queen – you must watch them once in life:

Often I come across people curing the Bollywood film makers. Reason they usually give is that not even a single movie is they are giving to us that we can watch with family. Every second film has an item number. Now how can we watch this all with kids? This deportment is very much common in our Indian society today.

We are not living in a wonderland then why expect to live in utopia all the time. It is by no means possible that each and every other film has no sexy scenes, or lip kissing shots at all. Item numbers are just added for ratings, many directors and producers claims so. In my opinion, they are absolutely true in this regard. Many of us like watching intimate acts of our favorite hero and heroine. There are huge fanatics of item songs.

I always get a strong feeling to ask you all, why you love going for commercial movies only? Certainly because we prefer enjoying the spices added movies.

My friends! There are lot many movies shaped in the same Bollywood that are full of social issues and can light up your lives. Some of you may have watched the movies I picked just to tell you that there still is the good work. To be true to myself, this is the work unveiling the bitter realities of our lives. Showing and telling us again and again that we need to think and act as a nation now. Our kids, our women and even the men of Indian society are distracting from their divine path of humanity, care, serving others etc.


Pk is my hot favorite movie, certainly because of ever charismatic Amir Khan and his fascinating acting. Themed on ‘Wrong Numbers’, you must watch this movie if not get time to enjoy it yet. This is the movie telling us, how feeble our faith in god is that we really take some so called gurus or pandits as his managers. It urges us to ask ourselves and all others where is our power to think and understand god and his rulings. Amir Khan rightly asked, do gods need milk or his people? Bhagwans order us to fill the empty stomachs first. Then why we are getting selfish enough that our neighbor often sleep hungry and we spend uselessly on decorating our bhagwans. No one stopping you to serve gods but also take care of poor and helpless people without being victimized of fake pandets and mullas who only use gods as source of their income.


Based on another social cum cruel dilemma of our society-Child Rape. I strongly admire Alia Bhatt to take such a critical role and Randeep Hooda with a bit criminal mindset but actually a savior. I agree that you might not like it watching with your kids but frankly speaking I watched this movie with my 9 years old daughter and then I have had not to tell or explain anything further to her. Now, she knows how to keep her safe. So daring are the directors and producers who chose to highlight this ever rising predicament of all societies in fact. It gives us an insight into the dark parts of our social circles where rapist are very much close to our kids and the same kids find happiness and security with the most rejected people of our society.  Humanity has nothing to do with money.


Another great movie to watch once in a life time. Rani Mukherjee and Amitabh Bachhan in the most influential roles in this movie tell us ‘nothing is impossible’. A young girl without normal senses of hearing, seeing and speaking fulfills her dream to be a graduate. Yet more inspiring aspect of this film is the ‘feel of touch’. For me, this is the sense that if one has, he/she can live life without other senses. It’s like I’m living the life of Rani. Though we own all the senses by god’s grace but we are not using it the way god wants, the way humankind needs. It’s really a thought provoking film that you must watch. I watched it about 20 times and every time tears rolled out of my eyes that how absurd life we are living.

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Kangna’s movie ‘Queen’ is not much glamorous but give the message to young girls that they are equally worthy and beautiful as their male partners are. I strongly recommend this movie to bigoted parents who don’t value their female child. Look how beautifully Kangna’s parents understands her state of mind and they give her space to live the life in her own way. And you will be amazed, she backed home a very confident and lively girl without any calamity. Trust your kids. Great lessons are also there for men littered with male chauvinism.

Bottom line:

Have you ever realize, how much big hypocrites we are? We love to see heroine semi-naked but if we are alone. And, this is not only with men by the way. Women are somehow conceals the same psyche. I really wonder when people say not good entertainment is left in cinemas now.

Watch these movies and you will stop blaming Bollywood cinema. It’s our choice what we want to see and what to overlook.

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