Nine Best Jobs for Indian Women

Careers in business, designing, tech and healthcare are largely dominated by women. They have proved to be successful in different professions and showed better performance, as compared to men. If you are looking for a career to dominate as a woman, here is a list of best jobs for women in India:

Reputation Manager

One of the highest and hottest PR job for women. The job is relatively simple yet productive and there are many chances of growth. All you have to do is build the reputation of a company through different media such as web, social media platforms and print media. The average annual pay is around $58000.

Digital Strategist Play

Would you like to be paid high? The job is to stay online all through the working hours and help clients in improving their tech presence. There is no need to have specific degree, rather you should have an in depth knowledge of modern technology and strong grip on using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Physician’s Assistant

Would you like to bank $86,000 annually by just treating and diagnosing patients? Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend six years in medical school and apply for student loans. The major duties of a physician’s assistant are to make a diagnosis, recommend treatment and administer tests.


If you are creative and can cover topics of any niche, you can probably excel in this field. There are various types of writers such as SEO writer, academic writer, copywriter and novelists. Choose the one that best suits your interest. You can also earn as a writer through freelancing. The salary depends on how good your skills are.

Personal Fitness Trainer

The job is to instruct a group of people to exercise properly and stay fit. The job is less stressful and all you have to do is pull on your yoga pants and get some knowledge on staying fit and exercising. The average salary is around $31,000.

Video Game Designer

For video game designers, all you need to have is the creative and tech skills. Video game designers earn about $81,000 to build the games from scratch, present new and innovative concepts and work as a major part of the team.

Market Research Analyst

Are you good at judging people what makes them tick? Market research analyst assists companies to recognize what services and products their customers are expecting by analyzing sales data, focusing on a target market and developing strategies and plans. The average salary of market research analyst is around $61,000.

Interior Designer

There is no slump in this industry as you can find the majority of people thinking to redesign their homes. You don’t need to have proper schooling and can be done along with your day job. Make a reputation among people through different modes of media, and let them know how good you are at interior designing. You can even quit your day job if you are tired of a nosey boss.


The Interpreter is another job, where women can make hefty money annually. There are tons of opportunities and getting the job is not as difficult as other jobs. You need to be fluent in English and have a full grip on another language such as French, Spanish, Japanese or Arabic. The average salary is approximately $43,000.

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