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Normal vs. Cesarean: What’s the best?

Normal vs. Cesarean: What’s the best?

Normal vs. Cesarean: What's the best?


This world is blessed with babies in any one of two ways! Pregnant ladies give birth either through a vaginal birth (normal birth) or a method of the birth of the baby by a surgery called Caesarean section, but what the medical science aims is at is giving healthier babies to this world.


In most of the cases, vaginal delivery is preferred as it’s the natural and uncomplicated way to deliver a baby but these days more and more women are opting for Cesarean Sections. Today approximately, Caesarean sections make up an overall of 30% of all births. As each and every lady can choose how they want their delivery to be, it is really important to understand the pros and cons of both the options available.

Here are the risks and advantages for vaginal births and caesarean section deliveries.


What makes vaginal delivery still the most sought after procedure?


  • Benefits for the mother

From the psychological point of view, ladies who go through a normal delivery tend to develop a positive outlook towards everything. Those who deliver babies in this procedure, feel that it is beyond an ecstatic feeling to experience a pro-active involvement in the birth process. Several kinds of research prove that mothers who deliver through vaginal birth have a shorter recovery time than those who go for C-sections. The bonding and the relationship between the mother and the baby is extremely benefited  as it allows them to make epidermal contact right after the child birth.


  • The Baby is more immune

Babies born normally that is, through vaginal delivery tend to have very less medical complexities as well. They feed on mother’s breast sooner, have fewer toxic allergies, and have lesser breathing problems.


The Challenges Of Vaginal Delivery:


  •  Mentally and Physically demanding for the mother

The first child generally causes mental distress for the mother.

Labour pain which needs frequent examinations can be stressful for some women, mostly for them who had been sexually abused.

The danger of unavoidable complexities like haemorrhaging during uterine contractions just before childbirth. There is also the danger of tearing of maternal perineum.

  • The not-so sad baby, though!

There is also a certain risk of trauma to the child while it passes through the birth canal, or to be precise from forceps or while extraction using the vacuum.


Cesarean Delivery and why it’s most preferred these days?


  • Safer for the mother

These days, women mostly prefer for deliveries through Cesarean sections so that they would not have to go through these lengthy hours of labour pain. The Cesarean section deliveries let the would-be-mothers have mental preparedness for the birth of their babies. It gives them much more mental control while the birth occurs and it also makes them emotionally less vulnerable. Women who undergo Cesarean sections do not cause any pelvic floor damages, and it leads to lack of self-restraint over the years.


  • The baby is no less happy…

If the baby suffers from macrosomia(large sized baby), or you are having twin babies, a C-section is preferably the best option for delivering the baby. Also, if the mother has certain diseases like HIV(AIDS), then a C-section delivery would surely reduce the danger of transmitting the infection/disease on to the baby.

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The Little Known Facts About Cons Of Cesarean Delivery


  • The mother may experience complications

It is not always possible to avoid pre-term delivery because at times the calculation of date is inaccurate. There lies the risk of causing damage to the woman’s bowel movements and bladder. In this case, the mother faces a slightly higher mortality rate.

Also, there is a very high danger of pathogen infection and clotting of blood for the mother. The mother along with the baby face longer medical stay (three to five days) and have quite longer recovery period.  Also, once the mother has a C-section delivery will never again have the option of delivering a baby normally later.

  • Warning: Cons Of Cesarean Delivery For The Baby

Some babies tend to have breathing problems when delivered by Cesarean section. Doctors also claim that cesarean sections cause certain medical complications like anaesthesia or possibly nicking the baby.

Overall, there are a lot many important factors that affect the decision to choose the kind of delivery, and the choice is obviously one’s personal decision. Of course, there arecases where cesarean section is necessary for both maternal and infant health. For example,when there lies high danger of passing on of sexually transmissible viruses from the mother to the child, then cesarean section would have to be carried out even if a vaginal birth is preferred.


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