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Pre-mature greying of hair – Top 6 reasons

Pre-mature greying of hair – Top 6 reasons

Greying of hair is a common sort after problem prevalent among youngsters now-a-days. Who likes to pluck grey hair every time they notice them? But pre-mature greying owes to different reasons like stress, food habits, genes and many more.

Even if you too are experiencing grey hair by the age of 25 then here are some probable reasons for such occurrence.

Blame it on your genes

Our body is designed in such a way that many of our problems owe its allegiance to our genes. If it is a family problem of pre-mature greying then you are more prone to the same. Doctors believe that even if one blood member has such a problem then it can affect the successive generation.

Medical reasons

There are many medical anomalies which could be the reason for an early greying of the hair. Regular cold, constipation can trigger greying. Also if you are anemic and are suffering from Hypo Thyroid then there could be high chances of attaining grey hair before you reach your late thirties or early forties.

It is more found in the young people who are suffering from deadly disease like cancer, the treatment process of such medical conditions include chemotherapy and radiation which triggers pre-mature greying.

Lack of nutrition

The inclusion of fattening element and carbs in the diet is posing a threat to the overall development of the body and one such effect can be found in hair color. Our body needs good intake of proteins, vitamins, iron and different types of acids for a thorough development and if any of such nutrients lacks in the diet then problem like pre-mature hair greying could come up.

Dependency on Electronics and Chemicals1173977879180737

Lifestyle has changed with time and youngsters have started to depend more and more on electronics and chemicals. Regular usage of blow Dryers, Irons, hair Straighteners, rollers and other such styling equipment and Chemical induced hair products impose a threat to the discoloration of hair at a young age.

Regular smoker

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If you are addicted to smoking and can’t keep yourself away from such a habit then this is the high time you get rid of it. Research says that people who are prone to smoking habit have a larger tendency of developing grey hair at a young age opposed to the ones who are devoid of the same habit.

Stressed lifestyle

Now, this a common problem with everybody around, be it a person in his 20’s, 30’s or even more metal stress can initiate many health related problems. If you are in your early 20’s and don’t have any of the above problems than your stressful life might be the reason for your pre-mature hair greying.

Medically speaking, whenever you go through any emotional or mental stress then Vitamin B levels significantly fall in your body. Not only does this stress make your hair go grey but can also make you look older than your actual age.

The way we lead our lifestyle effects our body in a good and a bad way, pre-mature hair greying is not at all a good sign, only finding a definite cause won’t solve the problem it is important to take care of the same by going for proper diet, medication and healthy lifestyle. If you too are in your mid-twenties and are experiencing such hair anomalies then try identifying the relevant cause from the above list.


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