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It all began with a ‘May I borrow your text?’ and today they are celebrating 22 years of their friendship at the White Horse Bar where Anchal is a violinist. Sagarika and Anchal are of those few who believe that boys are the ones to have fun with and your real soul mates are your girlfriends.

Sagarika, a merchandiser who just returned from a Dubai trip says, “I believe elective monarchy can only discipline Indians” to which Anchal replies sipping the red wine, “I believe Frisbee should be declared the national sport”. They share a laugh and recall all the fond memories they have made since sixth standard. Anchal reminds Sagarika of how she broke the tuning pegs of her violin when she had a breakup and later bought her a new violin. They have a gala time celebrating their two decade old companionship.

Sagarika and Anchal both receive a text at the same time which happens to be a reminder from their owner regarding the due rent payment. Both decide to head to the bank as the upcoming day was a Sunday. On their way to the bank they find a child abandoned at a bus stop with a note hanging across her neck which read ‘ She has Leukemia and is in her last stage. I neither have money nor the courage to watch her die’.

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Two stunned faces immediately grabbed the child and took her home. Sagarika who had lost her younger sister from blood cancer remembered the pain and problems her family went through even after being blessed with sufficient wealth. Sagarika and Anchal after having a deliberate discussion decided to parent the child and bear all expenses of her treatment. Sagarika said ‘Life is unfair but at least we should be a little human to humanity’. Eventually the two godly hearted women decided to fulfill all her little wishes and to try and give the child all the happiness they could.

Anchal and Sagarika had their individual splendors in their individualities. Even though both were extreme ended, the two were really beautiful. One fine day they got to experience what perfect beauty indeed was. Every woman has a kind of originality and that’s what real beauty is but perfect beauty is when two women join hands for a cause. There is no paradox in beauty. Beauty cannot be bogus. If it’s fake, it isn’t beautiful.

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