Sex During Pregnancy: What you need to know

Sex During Pregnancy: What you need to know

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While some people experience an increased interest in sex during pregnancy, some completely lose it. Anyway, here are a list of things you need to know if you decide having sex during those 9 months:


  • If you have no complications during your pregnancy, it is completely alright to have sex as frequently as you would like. Symptoms like fatigue, nausea and hormonal fluctuations during the early months can decrease your desire to have sex. With time, you might gain weight or might suffer from a nagging back pain which my further lower you sex drive. You emotions too might cause hindrances since pregnancy and even the thought of an addition to your family might completely change your relationship with your husband.
  • Having sex during pregnancy does not necessarily lead to miscarriages. In fact, you will have a miscarriage if the foetus fails to develop properly or lacks nourishment.
  • You need not worry about your baby being harmed because of sex. Your baby is surrounded by a watery fluid called the amniotic fluid. Also, the muscles of the uterus are strong enough to absorb shock.
  • Most sexual positions are fine if you are comfortable enough. If lying on your back for a long time is hurting, you can try Spooning (your partner inserting his penis from the rear lying behind you). You need not lose your creativity just because you are pregnant.


When should you avoid sex?

Sex During Pregnancy: What you need to know

  • Oral sex might be fine only if your partner is careful enough not to blow air into your vagina as it might cause a blockage in a blood vessel, threatening the life of the baby.
  • The idea of anal sex is quite uncomfortable during this time. Also, vaginal penetration after anal might spread an infection. You might just choose to avoid it.
  • If your partner is suffering from any sexually transmitted infection (STI); avoid oral, vaginal and anal sex completely as it might increase the chance of your baby being affected.
  • Although not an established fact, if you are exposed to the risk of a preterm labor (as advised by the doctor), avoid sex since the semen has the ability to cause uterine contractions.
  • A history of premature births, leaking amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding or carrying multiples are signals that you need to avoid sex completely.


It is completely alright if your body doesn’t permit having sex during pregnancy. Your husband will understand your needs. You can try being connected through simple ways like texting each other, kissing, cuddling and anything that suits you best. In case you have a C- section, do not jump into an intercourse, your stitches need to heal before you are ready.



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