Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation


Just like a machine, our body needs rest too. Recharge is much needed after a long hard day’s work. In order to get it up and going, the body needs sleep during which it repairs and rejuvenates. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is recommended. Our busy schedules and work load takes a toll on the body and depriving it of sleep will cause harm.

Causes of loss of sleep

Midnight Snacking : Consumption of foods rich in carbohydrate like wafers and desserts causes rise and fall in blood sugar levels that makes it difficult to sleep. Avoid coffee, chocolates and even tea before hitting the bed.

Electronics: Checking your phone or laptop before bedtime can hinder your sleep. Make sure you refrain from indulging at least an hour before you go off to sleep.

Your mattress and pillow: If your mattress and pillow do not support your body you can hurt your neck, back or waist along with making it difficult to grab a good sleep. Replace the old one that stiffens or sores your body in the morning.

Consistency: If you sleep and wake up at different times your body gets confused. Putting it back on track is difficult. Make sure you set a regular routine.

Effects on the body

  • Effect on the cognitive skills, memory, assessment of risks and attentiveness along with the ability to take decisions.
  • Individuals who drive without proper sleep are more prone to accidents as they lack the ability to respond effectively during emergencies.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and Diabetes is common among those suffering from lack of sleep.
  • Men tend to have lower levels of testosterone which is associated with a loss of sex- drive because of sleep deprivation. Drop in energy levels and sleepiness hinders you ability to perform in bed.
  • Those suffering from depression are likely to have difficulty in sleeping. Also, loss of sleep in turn leads to depression and anxiety.
  • Your skin is the worst affected. Dark circles, under eye puffiness and fine lines develop in people who do not sleep well.
  • If you are not being able to shed that weight, blame it in your lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation promotes fat storage that makes it difficult for you to lose weight despite best efforts in exercising and dieting.
  • Lack of sleep also triggers emotional problems and makes you moody and easily irritated.
  • Hallucination is a common effect of loss of proper sleep. It makes you see things that really don’t exist, causing you to deny reality.

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