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Smokey eye tutorial – getting the perfect makeup

Smokey eye tutorial – getting the perfect makeup

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The eyes are a really important part of our charm so it is important to make them look awesome. The Smokey eye makeup is the easiest way to look gorgeous without putting too much effort in your makeup.


Products you need for this smokey eye tutorial:

  • a primer (with this one your makeup will stay in place all day long)
  • kohl eyeliner (the creamier, the best, this will act like a base too)
  • dark eye shadow (the classic Smokey is all about blacks, but you can use grey, burgundy or plum, depending on your eye color)
  • liquid eyeliner – this one is optional, but if you want a cat eye effect, go for it!


1. The first and the most important step for perfect Smokey eyes is priming your eyes, especially is you have an oily skin. Priming basically protects your eye makeup from being smudged and makes sure it stays longer.


2. After you prime your eyes (make sure you do it), use your kohl pencil as a base. Just apply it on your lids and then use a smudge brush to smudge it.


3. This is the part when you have to be really careful. Use a flat eye shadow brush and pack the eye shadow on your eyelids. It doesn’t need to be perfect because you’ll be blending it in the next step.


4. Once you have applied your eye shadow, take a blending brush and blend your eye shadow. Use soft circular motions to get the perfect blend. Here is a quick color guide you can choose from for dramatic eyes: Black, grey, burgundy, pink, navy blue, and deep silver. Your choice should depend on the effect you want to obtain.


5. Now you need to make sure you apply a lighter color right below your brow bone to create the lift effect. Use the previous steps to do this. With a lighter color on your brow bone, you will have a lighter made up look.


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6. Lastly, use your kohl pencil and line your waterline. Use heavy strokes to get a deep color. Use your smudge brush and lightly smudge it. You can create a smudge effect using a Q-tip as well.
You have just gotten yourself the perfect Smokey eyes. You can use this look for various occasions with different accessories and color combinations. Make sure you use lesser make up on the rest of your face when you are wearing Smokey eyes. It’s a trusted method used by celebrities to make the eyes the star of the whole look.



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