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Sunsign matches that are bound to lead to heartbreaks!

Sunsign matches that are bound to lead to heartbreaks!

Sunsign matches that are bound to lead to heartbreaks!

In India, match testing is an important factor of marriage and only when the boy and girl pass through the compatibility test, are they considered rightful to marry each other. Some people may choose to believe in them and some might be vary of it. But I am sure that most of you would agree that match making and compatibility tests are something we Indians cannot do without. Well! We do not know about the authenticity and exactness behind such traditions but a lot has been said and written about zodiac best matches. This article will throw light on sun sign matches that you shouldn’t be a part of as expert astrologers suggest  that they may lead to heartbreaks.  The experts tell us that these zodiac matches tend to be incompatible with each other, hence, heartbreaks are predictable in future.

Sunsign matches that are bound to lead to heartbreaks!



Astrologer experts say that an Aries match with a Capricorn is nothing but clashes. Both differ in thoughts and will always have conflicting opinions about a matter. Tolerance can be a really big problem between the two as they cannot stand each other for too long. Cancer and Aries also do not match well. Aries are known to be full of life, energy and are one of the most adventurous people and it is tough for them to gel up with Cancer people who are troublesome and jealous of others.



Taureans are polite, caring and always ready to love people around them. Hence, the perfectly opposite Aquarians can never be compatible with them. They do not like the isolated feelings of Aquarians and will have a very hard time to bear with their insensitivity. Taureans are also not compatible with Leo as the energy level of both the signs are poles apart. Taureans are slow and they aren’t really looking for people who are energetic and Leo is synonymous to that. Leo and Taureans are also likely to have major ego issues.



Astrologers consider Geminis to be extremely versatile and excellent learners. They easily develop skills and are ingeniously artistic. They are highly incompatible with Virgo as the difference of approach in a situation pose a problem in their match. Both posses leadership qualities which can also be one reason of conflict as to who shall lead the matter. Geminis are infamous for their careless attitude and hence, a match with the insightful Piscean can be disastrous.



One of the most enigmatic signs, cancerians judge the world through their sixth sense and not by logic. They are deeply spiritual and sensitive people and are very motivated. Libra is a sign which can be dangerous for Cancerians as they are like north and south, completely opposite from each other. Librans believe in practicality whereas Cancerians go by feelings and emotions. Aries and Cancer are also highly incompatible as  one is a gregarious person whereas other is an introvert.




Leo comprises of people who have an extreme desire to be loved and admired and they breathe royalty. Scorpio is never a match for Leo as both zodiacs are strong headed and powerful and hence, both cannot share the same room for long period of time. Leo is a complete mismatch with Taurus as Taureans like to think and save for the future whereas Leo likes to live life at the moment.



Virgo’s match with Gemini is nothing less than a nightmare. Virgo doesn’t like to be the center of attention whereas that is something Geminis are made for. Virgos have very hard time adjusting with them as Geminis try to pull them down and point of their flaws every now and then. Sagittarius also do not match with Virgo and are an incompatible pair as former is carefree whereas latter is a perfectionist and this eventually leads to severe understanding issues between the two.




There should be a warning sign before Libra unites with Cancer or Capricorns. Libra cannot match with Cancer as when in a relationship, they always have opposing views and needs. Understanding is minimal between the two quarrels are a routine. Capricorns and Librans staying stable in a relationship is nothing but a dream as both the zodiacs have different characteristics. Librans like to wander like a butterfly whereas Capricorns like to stay indoors.





Scorpions are considered as the strongest personalities among all the zodiacs. Their demeanor is said to be unmatched and when they step in a room full of people, they surely turn heads. Leo is definitely not a match for Scorpio as one is soft hearted and shy and other is passionate and sparkling with high spirits. Aquarius is also not a good match for Scorpio as both have different values and viewpoints towards life. Aquarians are outgoing and has no secrets whereas scorpions are intense and will always have many hidden secrets they would never want to reveal.




Worst match for Sagittarius is Virgo. Sagittarians are fun loving and extrovert people, completely opposite to  Virgo who likes to stay in line following all the rules. Pisceans are dreamy and like to stay in their own imaginative world and hence, they also do not pair with the adventurous Sagittarius.


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A Capricorn is least compatible with Aries and Libra. The rational, experienced and responsible Capricorn finds it extremely difficult to cope with the childish nature of an Aries person. Capricorns are known for being career oriented and wish to be recognized amongst the crowd which is day and night opposite to Libra who admired beauty and art.




Curious, frank and imaginative, Aquarians do not match with Scorpio and Taurus.

Aquarius likes their freedom and a unity with Scorpions who are bossy and jealous is nothing less than war. Aquarians have a really tough time getting along with Scorpions as they are opposite.  Taureans are also highly incompatible with Aquarius ad both are highly intellectually opinionated which leads to frequent argument sessions with nobody winning in the end.





Pisceans do not go along with Gemini as they are careless and they often make hurtful moves in a relationship. Pisceans are extremely gentle when it comes to love and care and hence, they are likely to get hurt by Gemini’s. Sagittarians are also incompatible for Pisceans as they want freedom in a relationship and Pisceans do not want to compromise the warmth and want full attention, love and care.


Zodiac matches can also be considered when you are making friends with people. You will observe that a lot of things mentioned above actually come true. This does not mean that you have to hate zodiac signs that aren’t your match. This analysis is based on the different personality traits of different zodiac signs. If you have found this to be true or have felt the experience to be real, then make sure you do a bit of zodiac testing, next time you are up for a relationship.

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