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Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

‘A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.’

-Coco Chanel


They say, a person becomes instantly more attractive when he or she smells fabulous! The scent of a woman is what defines her personality. It can be cheerful and fruity, or classy and sophisticated, musky and professional, or even the warmest notes of vanilla, coffee and prudence – that is for you to decide. But an arresting perfume is a must for every queen! Especially one that suits her personality.

But sometimes, choosing the right perfume might be a difficult task considering the assortment of aromas available. Well, you have come to the right place. Following are the Ten Best Eau de Toilette to Match Your Personality in the year 2016!


  • Black Opium – Yves Saint Laurent

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

This incandescent perfume is for the classiest of women, but women who certainly love to go wild! Opium signifies addiction, allure and a touch of hallucination. The resplendence of the overwhelming experience received at the consumption of the drug is portrayed in the form of a perfume.

A floral heart, with base notes of caffeine, cedarwood, jasmine tea and vanilla accompanied with a subtle top note of blackcurrant – this perfume is boldly feminine.

Its lustful, titillating aroma and the daring yet classy personality of this rose-gold eau de toilette is a scent every woman must own and every man will die for.


Consist of: Blackcurrant, Coffee (green coffee), Floral (jasmine tea, rose-gold juice).

Price: Approximately Rs. 9,000.


  • 24 Faubourg – Hèrmes

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

A milder perfume – for the soft, shy and gentle. The fragrance is like the breath of fresh air, a breeze softly blowing the smooth surface of satin, a pilgrimage to find peace – to find the Sun. A brilliant yet subtle aroma, the bottle exquisitely designed to signify its simplicity.

The brilliance of the top notes

Consist of: White flowers, Florals captured in iris, with ample Woods.

Base notes consist of: tender Vanilla and Amber.

Price: Approximately Rs. 6,000.


  • Daisy Dream – Marc Jacobs

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

A reflection of the innumerable daisies and the clear, blue sky – Daisy Dream is a curious blend of meticulous facets of gracefulness and effortless beauty. The representation of the free spirit of daisies and the skies adding a feminine touch to it all.

A scent for all the free birds and the light-hearted souls who live for the moment. It gives breezy, dreamy aura defining the free will and the airy personality.


The top notes include: Pear, BlackBerry and Grapefruit.

Middle notes being: sparkling Jasmine, Blue Wisteria and Lychee.

And lastly, the Base notes include a combination of: White Woods, Coconut water and Musks.

Price: Approximately Rs. 9,000.

  • My Burberry – Burberry

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Is there anyone who does not like the smell of moisture-soaked earth after the rain? The freshness and clarity of the air, the feeling of having all the worries washed away to a brighter yet calmer day?

My Burberry has encapsulated the aroma that London garden effuses after the rain. The grandeur of British flowers intertwining with an airy rose, the smell of London rain along with a whiff of geranium leaf is what My Burberry is all about.

Wear this scent, put on your favourite Burberry trench-coat and step out feeling timeless.


The notes include: Bergamot, Golden Quince, Sweet Pea, Geranium, Patchouli, Centifolia Roses, Freesia and Rain-Tipped Damask.

Price: Approximately Rs 7,000.


  • Modern Muse, Le Rouge – Estée Lauder

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

The appealing smell of passionate woods and the sultry floral tone, together make up the sanguine and inspirational – Le Rouge. The effervescence of jasmine together with the velvety woods, have made up two well defined tones that have harmonised to form the perfume of confidence and fascination. For women who inspire.


The notes consist of: Woods and Jasmine.

Price: Approximately Rs. 7,000.


  • Chance – Chanel

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

The scent for the young and jovial youth – a best-selling perfume!

A mystic melange of the citrus and floral blend. Vibrant yet feminine, fruity yet floral, this unpredictable mixture of the sprightly and tender notes has won the hearts of women who have used and re-used it.

One will not regret using Chance.


The notes consist of: Jasmine, Water Hyacinth, along with Amber of Patchouli and Fresh Vetiver.

Price: Approximately Rs. 15,000.

  • La Vie Est Belle – Lancôme

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Life is Beautiful” by Lancôme is a perfume to happiness – a decision to go on a pursuit of happiness to find ultimate freedom.

Despondency is not an option – a fragrance for the lively and cheerful, for those who rejoice in the joys and miseries of life; For those who conquer.

The most natural of ingredients have been put together to come up with the purest blend of iris and sugary praline, with patchouli carefully woven in and Tunisian orange blossom, sambac and jasmine entwined – it manifests into a majestic scent.

It is an optimistic, joyful yet addictive aroma that leaves a trace of modesty, honesty and uniqueness behind.


The notes consist of: Iris, Gourmand, Patchouli.

Price: Approximately Rs. 6,000.

  • Flowerbomb – Viktor & Rolf

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

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For the girl that loves being a girl! Flowerpower is here for you! A burst of floral freshness for the proud and pretty female, giving her the most positive vibes. Not too overpowering yet enough to make the people around you want to breathe you in. A mysteriously redolent scent, that awakens the profound senses – a magical potion that opens the door to your surreal, unrevealed garden. A must-have this season!


Ingredients consist of: Centifolia Rose, Sambac Jasmine, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia – all entwined with an afternote of Patchouli.

Price: Approximately Rs. 6,000.

  • Omnia Crystalline – Bvlgari (Personal Favourite!)

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

If you are a radiant, beautiful, ambitious, feminine woman glowing with confidence – this is the fragrance you need! Crystalline by Bvlgari has an air of lightness – the smell is so dreamy it’s practically impossible to put it down on paper without making it seem like an exaggeration.

But I kid you not, this smell is going to blow off every mind in the room, making at least three out of ten curious enough to ask you about the mind-blowing scent you have put on!

It is a shadow of the woman’s unique yet irresistible personality, illuminating the delicacy and divinity of her being – it is like a luminous dream, a pale night-sky glowing with a thousand fireflies.


The notes consist of: Nashi, Balsa Wood, Bamboo and Lotus Flower.

Price: Approximately Rs. 4,000.

  • Soleil Blanc – Tom Ford

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

An intriguing blend of floral aromas. Tom Ford’s newest launch in 2016 – Soleil Blanc – echoes of the sultry solitude of privy islands and beaches, the vibrancy of the sun and the distractingly alluring intrusion of the smell of flowers.


It is a unisex perfume,

Combining top notes of: the Spicy notes of Cardamom and Pink pepper, accompanied by Bergamot and Pistachio. It also consists of the sultry Ylang ylang, hints of Egyptian Jasmine and Tuberose for sensuality.

And Base notes include: Benzoin (contained in oil of bitter almonds), Amber, Coconut Milk and Tonka bean.

Price: Approximately Rs. 20,000.


Lust – Sunny Leone

Ten perfumes every woman must own in 2016!

Lastly, Lust is a stunning fragrance released by Sunny Leone, the first Indian actress to release her own line of Perfumes! A Must-Try for all Sunny Leone fans and those who aspire to be as bold and courageous as her. The scent rightfully portrays the undaunted spirit of brave women like Sunny Leone who have not only dared to dream but also have been valiant enough to turn their dreams into reality.

Fearlessness interwoven with a whiff of mischief, for men and women who are intrepid yet flirty!


Top notes consist of: the inspiration of the Sicily – the warm, feminine scent of White Flowers, with a spurt of sweet Neroli Leaves, Papaya Flower along with White Water Lily and White Amaryllis. A mischievious balance of white flowers and tender Musk.

Base notes include: soft Cashmere – adding the touch of Lust and coquettishness.

Price: Yet to be released.


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