The perfect five step guide to investing in skincare!

The perfect five step guide to investing in skincare!

The perfect five step guide to investing in skincare!

‘A little makeup can make anyone look pretty,’ is something that we all have heard and believe in. what we have failed to realize is that even makeup looks best on those with the best skin. The goal shouldn’t be covering up imperfections; it should be ensuring that they don’t exist. It thus becomes essential that our hard earned money is spent on products that nourish and amplify the natural beauty of our skin and not those that cover up the flaws that lack of attention gives rise to. Here’s a blog on how to invest on skincare and natural beauty that might even lead to your not using makeup at all.



The Perfect Composition


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It’s a well-known fact that the skincare products available in the market are loaded with chemicals that might benefit us in one way but harm in the other. It, therefore, becomes essential that we look into the ingredients of the products we buy and not just depend on the brand names on them. Home-made remedies are indeed the best when it comes to skincare but if that option is out of the question for you then make sure that the products you use contain non-toxic ingredients that are natural and have as little harsh chemicals as possible. The cleansers and lotions that you use should be dermatologically tested as well. Don’t go for the prices, but the ingredients value.



Consult the Professionals


We can’t really rely on the word of a salesperson for it is their job to sell the product they are representing regardless of whether it is beneficial or not. Hence, if you seek advice on matters of skin products, it’s best to consult professionals from beauty salons, whose job is to understand how to bring out the best in their customer’s skin. These consultants are properly trained in the art of skincare and can thus identify your skin type and provide you with a regimen at the same time. They are also well versed with all the products in the beauty market and which ones are the best to use. You will have to find a beauty salon owned by a professional for such consultancy, though, for these services are not available everywhere.



Cleansing is the First Step


Washing your face with face wash or just water isn’t the right way to go about removing makeup, dead skin cells, oil or other pollutants from the skin. Proper cleansing goes deeper and can be achieved best with a cleanser, which makes this product an important part of your regimen. Selecting a cleanser that suits you best is another essential step in the process. We all have different skin types and one product doesn’t work for everyone. Hence, find a cleanser that best suits your needs. Apart from cleansing, cleansers serve a variety of purposes like acne removal, pore-refining, etc. so after you are done looking into the ingredients, the next step is to scan the utilities that it provides and make them best buy by ensuring maximum benefits and least harm.



Choose your Treatment


For anyone who has walked into the skincare section of a departmental store or supermarket, it would be easy to relate to the dilemma that arises with the vast array of products lined up for you to grab. Now that we have defined the composition that one must look for while skincare shopping next comes the kind of products you are looking for. Define the areas you want to target and buy accordingly. There are products that work on multiple issues and those that are limited to a specific area. Depending on the intensity of your skin problems choose the right product for your regimen.





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The importance of keeping your skin hydrated can’t be stressed enough. it isn’t just about drinking lots of water for that doesn’t help issues that arise solely because of your skin type. This hydration is concerned with restricting over production and –secretion of unwanted oils and maintaining elasticity and suppleness of the skin by moisturizing regularly. You can either go for products that divide the moisturizing routine into two parts, i.e., day and night, or simply go for products that serve a 2-in-1 purpose. Regardless of what you choose, it’s super important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for all the other inputs to work.



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