The right hair care – Dos and Don´ts

Frau Lacht herzhaftHair is one of the most important assets of human beauty and our looks. Indian women are famous for their great hair. But, hair, as any other body part as well needs to be treated in the right way.
Great hair will make you smile! WomenNow lists some Dos and Don’ts for you to treat your hair correctly.



1. Comb your hair gradually – start with the lowest 5cm, then comb the lowest 10cm, then move on etc
2. Comb your hair, if possible, when it is dry as it can get hurt when it is wet
3. Avoid any kind of stress for the hair -> Updo – it looks good but it is not healthy
4. Let the air dry your hair dry if possible or blow-dry it only cold
5. Do not use hairspray and other styling products
6. Use gentle styling hairbrushes
7. If you use of hair care products, make sure they are silicone free and it is mild surfactants
8. Best then if you use home-made and natural hair treatments



1. Do not blow-dry your hair with hot air
2. Do not use hair straighteners and curling irons
3. Do not use hair bands with metal
4. Do not bleach and dye your hair
5. Do not comb your hair in an aggressive manner
6. Do not comb your hair when it is wet
7. Do not backcomb it
8. Do not use of sharp and silicone-care products

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