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Indian saree – the latest ‘attire trend’

Indian saree – the latest ‘attire trend’

Benchmarking different styles

When it comes to trendsetting, styles and fashion keep encircling and follow a chain cycle. In the sense, what goes away comes back in a span of 10 years. Be it classic attires, accessories and even hairstyles. Celebrity’s sport different kinds of attires like sarees, casuals, formals and many more. All these attires have gone through the transformational cycle and have redefined fashion with a ‘classic’ touch.

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‘Flowing’ beauty

Today, as universally witnessed, sarees are the latest style in vogue, which is donned by millions of people globally. This traditional attire has always been a conventional beauty since decades and has managed to be a ‘charmer’ with every passing generation.

However, its draping style has gone through a lot of trendy changes and twists, which seem ‘in’, but does have a connection with the age-old fashion.

Partially draped Trend

‘Half Saris’ have come into the world of fashion, which was a popular ‘sight’ in the golden era. Films down south had brought this style of sari drape through their voluptuously presented heroines. Slowly and gradually, Bollywood started getting inspired with this style and projected this trend in their movies as well. The movie that made this drape a signature style was ‘Chennai Express’ that released in the year 2013. This half sari trend enabled women to experience ethnicity, keeping foot with the latest trends. It is a known fact that Traditional saris also are a delight to showcase, but managing them is quite a tedious task. Hence keeping in mind factors like convenience and comfort for women, half draped saris, which has a non pleated lehenga at the lower end. These saris also come in different fabrics like net, silk, chiffon along with floral and different captivating prints, designs and patterns.

An Indo-Western Blend

The half saree fashion is constantly on an evolving spree, which esthetically depicts the holistic beauty of Indian Women with a modern essence. Women have always looked their traditional best in culturally tailored sarees. Hence retaining this ethnic spirit, this trend-setting sari radiates the charisma of women and also enables them to sport a modern look with an Indian twist.

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However, this trend is not limited only up to Bollywood celebrities as today almost every ‘woman’ household has this ‘mandate’ style in their closets. Women wearing these sarees help in boosting up the levels of fashion and different design styles.  These sarees have also set themselves as an inspiration for Indian Women to leave behind traditional draping styles that go on for hours with oodles of struggle.

This latest trend of sari drape enables its elegant self to mold according to the choices, preferences and most importantly convenience of women of different age groups. Such saris enable women to avoid choosing between a lehenga and a sari and instead don both at the same time with elegance and royalty. This readymade sari thus enables women to sport it in every occasion and ceremony without involving any sorts of draping struggle.

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