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Avoid lipstick stains – Top 5 tips

Avoid lipstick stains – Top 5 tips

Tired of your lipstick stains ruining your dress? Or the dark lip marks left in the glassware of that up street café? Lipstick colors are beautiful and looks even more mesmerizing when applied in the lips. These stains tend to be rigid and doesn’t go away so easily but there are ways by which such stains can be prevented from getting transferred.

Avoid lipstick stains – Top 5 tips

Here are some application measures whereby you too can prevent those lipstick stains:

  • Applying lip liner

Lip liner is the best form of lip enhancing makeup available in the market but the application of lip liner can also prevent the lipstick from getting stained. The lip liner is supposedly dry in texture which allows the extra color from getting smudged resulting in a prevention technique and long lasting formulae.

  • Applying lip primer

Sounds a bit scary but actually it is not! There are lip primers available in the retail which helps in keeping the lasting effect of the lipstick. Applying lip primer before putting on your favorite lip color can not only give the lip a studio finish but will also ensure that it doesn’t gets stained so easily.

  • Blotting your Lipstick

To keep the lip color intact and take of the extra amount of the same this procedure is best recommended by the experts. After the application of your favorite lipstick shade it is always advised to blot the same in a tissue paper so that you can get rid of the extra so as to avoid that extra amount ruining your dress or somebody else’s.

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  • Applying Powder

Just like you use the compact to brush off the excess makeup and allow the makeup to stay intact the whole time, same way powdering up your lipstick will help in getting away with extra amount of lipstick. If in the process you feel the lipstick has worn away more than you have wanted it then apply another layer of lipstick and gently powder away.

  • Use a foundation

Foundation too can come to a great help to prevent your lipstick from staining or transferring. Applying the foundation prior to the lipstick not only gives your lips a flawless effect but will also prevent it from staining.

These are some preventable measures by which you can be less ashamed because of your staining lipstick ruining something. If you are suffering from this problem then go on and apply this formulae of applying a lipstick and save yourself.

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