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Things to know to really love a Taurus man!

Things to know to really love a Taurus man!

Things to know to really love a Taurus man!

This is a Zodiac that has a lot going on underneath the facade that he likes to pull on. Don’t be fooled if you find a Taurus man lazing around, throw a challenge at him and he will be ready to take that on. This is a Zodiac that doesn’t give up easily. He is proud and determined to reach the goal that he sets for himself. Beware of his temper for he can burn you down if you fidget with his ideals. He likes to stay in charge and will display insurmountable strength.

Things to know to really love a Taurus man!

A Taurus man is generally stubborn and will keep making his strides unless he gets what he wants. A workaholic to the core, he like to stay patient and consistent while working on his plans. Might appear an underdog initially and he will be happy to stay that way being content in the fact good days are right around the corner. Being an Earth sign he likes to seek happiness in material things. He has good taste and likes to have sophistication in what he does and experiences. He is ready to give his all while struggling to have the finer things in life but won’t accept anything less that the best rewards.


What does he expect from a lover?


A Taurus man seeks security in his partner. He loves indulging in good food. So, if you are a good cook you can easily win over his heart. He sets his own time to do things and you will have to respect that. It is difficult for them to cope with sudden changes. This is because it disturbs their serenity. They need constant motivation that kicks them to get going. You have to be able to generate in them a burning desire to inspire them on their road to success. Touch him often for he responds really well to that. You can win his heart if you are well organised and can keep your impulsive nature under control.


Taureans don’t really appreciate surprises. They like to stay in their comfort zone. Don’t hint them of any sort of danger in the relationship. Deceit and manipulation are big turn offs. And once their security is threatened, they will be quick to evacuate. Avoid giving them a hard time in winning you over or acting way beyond their league. They are stubborn about their opinions and won’t really care much about shifting their ideals too often. They take time to judge a situation and once convinced it is difficult to make them shift. You won’t find them arguing with you. They prefer peace more than anything else. Give them a good space and ensure their comfort before to start talking to them and pose a difficult opinion.


How does he open his heart?


It is difficult to make them open their heart out to you unless you have generated some sort of security in them. They don’t really go out and declare their love for you often. A Taurus man is far from drama. Having a physical affinity most of their expressions are through touches rather than verbal. PDAs are not really their thing. He loves holding on to all things traditional and will be delighted to go down the old school road. He will pull the chair for you, open the doors for you, will wait for you patiently while you get ready. He dreams of a stable life with a loving partner. He has an extremely sensual side but don’t intimidate him with wild experimentation. He will appreciate soft touches and a romance filled sexual act. As much as they enjoy the sexual act, they will be equally turned on if the fore play and after play is done better.


Even though they are vulnerable deep down behind that thick skin, they will rarely show that to you unless you have won their trust. More than any other sign, they have a great sense of commitment. They are capable of steady, committed relationships. Though very sexual on the inside, they won’t reveal that too soon. They like to be in charge of situation knowing that things will move as planned. So, don’t bombard them with sudden changes if you wish to hold on to them for long. In short, where monotony may equal boredom to some, it is absolute bliss for them.


Zodiac signs compatible with a Taurus:


Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

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Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius


How is he in bed?


Sex to him is an art. They like to take it slow paying attention to the needs and wants of their lover. Seldom will a Taurus be in a hurry to finish the act of love making. You can count on his strong physique to give you a good time in bed. Just like everything else, he will make the effort to perfect his methods of pleasuring you. His patience is his asset which is for everyone to draw lessons from.



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