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Things you must never say in a job interview

Things you must never say in a job interview


There is surely no set recipe that can successfully land you a job but there are surefire ways that will ensure you are not getting the job. There are things you must never say in a job interview Recruiters will surely listen to you cautiously and will make acceptance or rejection on the basis of that interview. We do not realize what we say during those moments can have serious impact and will shape up our future. There is unlimited number of candidates who apply for the same position and sometimes, speaking before you think makes it easy for recruiters to narrow down their options by rejecting you at that very instant. So, make sure you do not say following things when sitting in a job interview:

My previous boss was an idiot:

No matter how much you hate your ex-boss, you have to control the urge to pass any hateful comment about your previous boss during an interview. No one will give you a job no matter how perfect you seem for the job just because you hate your previous boss. They will consider you someone who is difficult to manage.

I’m the right person for the job:

There is another way to tell them the same thing. You can go ahead with mentioning your previous job timings instead of saying that you are perfect fit for the job. This shows you are arrogant and no employer would like to have an arrogant person in their company.

I really need a job:

Never show them you are needy. Instead believe in your abilities and show them that they really need to hire you as you will prove to be an asset for their organization. You can surely mention other job offers that you are currently considering so, that they know you are in demand. Do not lie if you do not have any job offers.

I would love to work with you as my boss:

You can surely say that you would love to be a part of their organization but you must never say that you would love the guy as your boss because it is obvious that you are just flattering him to get yourself a job because you have never seen him dealing with his employees and that is only going to make the recruiter think you are just like previous candidates who tried the same trick.

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I want (any set figure) as my salary:

You will be asked about your salary expectations and you can always give a vague answer by telling them that you expect it according to the amount of commitment and hard work you will put in and the skills you possess. Giving them a number is never advised.

I do not have any weakness:

We all have our shortcomings and no one is perfect. So, saying them that you do not have any weakness will make them think you are a liar or probably not aware of your weakness. Make sure that you come up with a weakness that plays as your strength. For instance, you can say that my weakness is that I am not very egoistic or I am honest.


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