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Tips To Keep Your Summer Skin Hydrated

Tips To Keep Your Summer Skin Hydrated


Summer in India is all about refreshing cocktails and beach parties until your skin gets damaged due to over exposure of sun. While we crave for the sun in winters, we look for every possible way to seek protection from the same sun that provided us warmth and coziness in winters. So, go ahead, hit the beach, make sand castles, play with beach ball and confidently face the sun to have some real fun in the sun with the tips to keep your skin hydrated this summer!

Pamper your skin with the sweetness of sugar:

While having a sweet tooth makes you gain extra pounds and your tummy bulges out, the same sugar has supernatural benefits when applied externally to the skin. Sugar is known to be natural humectant as it draws moisture from the environment into the skin keeping it hydrated and fresh. Moreover, tiny particles of sugar exfoliate the skin getting rid of all the dead cells. Brown sugar, being softer than granulated sugar, it works better on face while raw sugar shows best results when applied to the body. Therefore, go for sugar scrubs to keep your skin hydrated. Furthermore, you can also use brown sugar, olive oil and a few drops of essential oil for fragrance to create a homemade sugar scrub for your skin.

Drink water, hydrate faster:

As the hot weather takes away a lot of water from your skin in the form of sweating, it is essential to keep the balance by adding at least 8 glasses of water to your daily routine. While water is known to keep the body hydrated, it further helps to flush out toxins from the body keeping the skin healthy. While 80% of the daily water intake of human body is from drinks, the remaining 20 % comes from the foods we consume. Therefore, it is essential to drink lots of refreshing drinks and eat fruits and vegetables high in water content. Furthermore, make sure you avoid drinks rich in sodium as sodium tends to draw water from body.

Cut down on caffeine:

While coffee and tea can surely give you instant boost very few know that it contains malicious tannin and horrible caffeine which are known to be the best at dehydrating your skin and making it dry and itchy. Tannin works by blocking pores of cells and thus preventing them to receive nutrients provided by the food. The dehydrating effects of tannin can be quite evident from the fact that tannin is also used to make leather soft and shiny in the factories. Caffeine, another ingredient is a known diuretic, causing you to urinate frequently and losing water content from your body. So, this summer, avoid coffee, tea and smoking to keep your skin hydrated.

Use Humidifiers:

Use of air conditioners takes away moisture from the air and can be a real threat to skin hydration. Therefore, humidifier therapy is a must to add moisture back to the air so that it doesn’t cause dryness of the skin. Humidifiers come in various forms and if you cannot afford one for your home then simply use a spray bottle to spray water in the air when you feel dryness and low levels of humidity. Excessive humidity can cause respiratory problems therefor, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that humidity level must not exceed 50 % at your home.

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These are some tips to keep your summer skin hydrated – which one do you like the best?

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