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Ways in which you unprofessionally quit a job

Ways in which you unprofessionally quit a job


A lot many ways you resort to quitting a job can be considered unprofessional. Whether you realise it or not, it can do you more harm that you could possibly think of. Professionalism is the key to good will even when you decide to call it quits. It’s a small world and unprofessionalism in the work place isn’t a very good idea.

Resorting to default quitting

This means you decide not to appear the next day at your work place. It is quite obvious that you boss and co-workers might appear concerned over your disappearance without a prior notice, but eventually it will portray a bad image when they know the truth.

Sour disagreement or fight with the Boss

You might have taken to bad mouthing your boss while working or that you may have assigned funny names. But using foul language or name calling is a big NO NO! You may have all the reasons in the world to hate him for but do not act unreasonably just before quitting your job. You can kiss that job goodbye forever after this, since this kind of behaviour will not attract a second chance.

Failing to inform beforehand

There are times when you may have discussed issues with your manager or might have shared your concerns as to why you might want to leave the current job. This can happen on the last day at office. This is a professional approach, nonetheless. However, failing to give prior notice is the least expected. You can notify your boss at least two weeks before you quit.

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Digging the grave for co- workers

A lot of work places offer the option of exit interviews in which you can openly discuss the issues that bothers you. Such interviews allow the employers to understand the work environment and allow them to address the changes in future, if need be. However, one should try and answer questions quite tactfully in order to avoid sounding offensive. You can specifically mention your personal concerns but not make your co- workers part of it. They can deal with their issues and by mentioning their names you will create a negative image that will harm their future prospects.

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