What does your eye colour tell about you ?


Had it not been for our eyes, could we have absorbed all the beautiful things this world has to offer? Fact: Like your fingerprints, it is impossible to find another person who you share your eye colour with. Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul”. Often we claim understanding a person just by staring into their eyes. You can catch someone lying, in love, sad, depressed or just happy; just looking at them. It’s all in the eyes. Science proves that this window to the world can tell us a lot more about ourselves and others.

Dark eyed people are more trust worthy: A study conducted among a group of people proves that they chose dark eyed people to be more worthy of their trust than blue eyed ones. Also, blue eyed people appeared more sexier and attractive. So, sexy and least deserving of trust! (Is that the kind of people we often tend to choose? No wonder, heartbreaks!)

Dark eyed people get drunk sooner: Scientists have proven that people with darker iris cannot assume as much alcohol as someone with a light coloured iris. Lighter eyed people tend to abuse alcohol and can consume much more in a single serving.

Light eyed people can be more malicious: An Australian study found that these people tend to disagree with almost every one’s opinions and have a more competitive attitude than others. On the other hand, dark eyed people are more friendlier, compassionate and generous.

Light eyed people can endure more pain: A study conducted by CancerCentre shows that people with lighter eye colour tend to handle pain better. Dark eyed people are less abled in that case and can be more exposed to depression and anxiety.

Dark eyed people are more dominating: They exercise their power more effectively and dominate light eyed ones. (I guess, this is quite true. People who dominate me, do have darker eyes!)

Dark eyed people are better sportsmen: The colour of the iris is due to the level of melanin in your system. Scientists believe, the more the melanin the faster and more responsive your brain is in processing all that it is fed with.

Your personality has a lot to do with the eye colour you possess. People with brown eyes are more responsible. People with green eyes love being free and can work well under pressure. The bluer your eyes are the happier and brighter you tend to be.

This is just based on scientific assumptions are does not project an ultimate truth. Wear the colour you are blessed with. Smile, Love, Believe and Serve. That is what will take you far in life.

Anushree Ghosh


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