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When an Indian woman is born

When an Indian woman is born

knowtide UMA women is bornAn Indian woman is in labour and an Indian lady doctor is helping her deliver an Indian girl child. A female nurse comes out to tell the father the good news but the ‘man’ is anything but happy and he whines about it to his mother who tells him that a daughter is an incarnation of a goddess.

As a woman, wife, lady, girl, female, mother, daughter and a goddess, she serves man in every way possible. A woman’s body goes through menstruation, pregnancy, menopause but her heart goes through daughter hood, sisterhood, wifehood, motherhood, aunt hood and grandmother hood and she accepts it with such grace and she is the personification if not the synonym of love.

Even though she dedicates her heart, body, mind and soul into loving you, you just take her for granted. Women are being used and abused world over. She sacrifices her comfort, rest time and even her share of food to keep you up and going and all you give her in return is rudeness, disrespect and abuse. They stay in abusive relationships believing their love will change the person. Conventional ladies due to lack of self respect, lack of understanding at home and most importantly due to their inbuilt motherly instinct will not get out of abusive marriage or relationship. They have a desperate need for a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose which they associate with every relationship. They feel that it is their birth right to love and it actually is.

We must acknowledge their worth and women themselves must change circumstances around them. It is okay to love and sacrifice but not at the cost of ones dignity. Do not consider yourself inferior coz you are not ordinary. You are Shakthi, you need to be worshipped not abused

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By :Uma (The voice)

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