Why do women accept cheating husbands?

Why do women accept cheating husbands?

Sacrifices, adjustments, multi-tasking and what not, marriage marks a palpable shift not only in the life of women, but also in the way they view their priorities.

Why do women accept cheating husbands?

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A woman is more than willing to give away her all as long as her efforts are equally reciprocated by her husband. Nothing but infidelity is alone enough to create loose ends in a stable married life. Forgiveness is easier said than done and forgetting such a filthy sin is kind of struggling with one’s self. Even then not just a few but many Indian women either don’t accept the fact that their husband is a cheater despite having strong proofs against him, or simply turn a blind eye to his deeds. What makes a woman reconcile with her cheating partner, is it her fear of what the society would say, the trauma she goes through to accept that she’s been rejected or her hopeless dedication towards her husband?


The fear of being called a failed wife


When a wife gets indulged in an extra marital affair, she is compared to a slut right away. But when a husband does the same, it’s assumed that it must be the wife herself lagging behind in fulfilling her duties and keeping her husband happy. A woman’s advancement, her intellect, and her self-dependence all go in vain as soon as she starts to imagine herself without her husband’s surname. She would bear this excruciating pain with a smile but wouldn’t let the news of her broken marriage go out of her bedroom walls-that’s a woman!


The trust that he won’t do it again

Why do women accept cheating husbands?

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No woman likes to accept the fact that her husband is a cheat. She would either lend no ear to this news considering it to be just a rumor or take the plunge and forgive her husband reassuring her heart that it was just a one time mistake. As soon as she finds out this bitter truth, a slideshow of all the sweet moments she has spent with her husband so far begins to appear before her eyes. All those inspiring articles she had read many a time about women empowerment and all are kept aside and she takes her husband back with open arms.


She isn’t financially independent


Yes, it’s a fact and we’re not talking about only the downtrodden classes of women but the elite ones as well who are well-educated, well-qualified but either left their job to start a family and are too under confident to start all over again or never tried a hand at being independent as raising their family became the only priority of their life. Such legal matters are already so lengthy, time taking and complicated. Moreover, even the compensation they would get after divorce wouldn’t be enough to live with head held high. A woman without her husband starts to doubt her identity herself first before the world does it and that’s what makes her keep her self-respect in purse and compromise.


The fact that she has no real home now

Why do women accept cheating husbands?

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Unfortunately our Indian society tells a woman that once she is married, the only home she has has is that of her husband. But it doesn’t tell what to do and where to do if the same home turns into nothing more but a lifeless house for her where she probably doesn’t even belong now. A divorced woman is seen as a helpless, hopeless, and homeless creature as if no one else is in a bigger misery than her. Sometimes, sympathy hurts more than anything else on Earth. It’s the sympathy which a married woman having being cheated on can’t take anymore.


Her children


Children are the strongest bridge to fill the gap between a married couple. We are not unaware of the plight of single mothers. The challenges they have to fact at every step of life are alone enough to force a woman who is on the verge of taking a decision think twice. Not just such women but such children too have to go through the trauma as social awkwardness becomes a part of their daily routine. Children are often the primary reason why a woman prefers to stay mum and pretend to have a normal, peaceful and happy married life.


But, is all of this the solution to a blissful life with a partner? Sure, the problems are countless but nothing justifies cheating. It is important women today take a stand and decide what’s important for their happiness inspite of looking for a temporary resort.



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