WomenNow in Conversation with Baker Hughes a GE Company

What is it like working for Baker Hughes?

As they say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ so it is with work life. Each day at Baker Hughes has taught me new lessons both in my technical journey as well as a professional career. Every day there are new challenges or people issues or process adoptions or learning curves and what one takes away from all these is dependent on that individual.

Personally, at Baker Hughes, I have seen a plethora of opportunities for individuals to learn, unlearn, cross-learn and de-stress. Coming from a software background I feel that any contribution towards predictive and prescriptive analysis in this strategic field of Oil and Gas can bring huge impact. As they say, data is the new oil and definitely we “Women” at Baker Hughes play a very critical role in drilling this black gold ‘DATA’.


There are not enough women in the energy industry, how do you think Baker Hughes is making a difference in this regard?

At Baker Hughes, I have always seen a considerable amount of effort being taken in improving the diversity factor. There are multiple initiatives from hiring to imparting training that empower and groom women, especially for leadership roles. For most of the trainings technical or otherwise there is always a balanced representation from the women employees.

In BHGE Kochi, there are various forums created for employees to exhibit their talent and to create a niche for themselves. We have varied initiatives that I feel help in building a very healthy attitude and spirit towards life, work, and above all great team spirit.

The women conclave (IATC – I Am The Change), Toastmasters International, learning club initiatives like ‘Gyan’ and our sports club ‘Yuvah’ provides a platform for employees to connect and invest in each other. The mentorship programmes here helps you to reach out to mentors and seek timely guidance. These kinds of initiatives help folks to collaborate, connect, grow, and gain visibility. Baker Hughes has a strong and robust eco-system designed to empower and drive our diverse working force.


A lot of organizations speak of diversity but few are able to deliver well on the promise of inclusion. How committed do you feel Baker Hughes is to giving its female employees an equal platform?

As I have mentioned earlier the eco-system which we have at Baker Hughes for learning new skills, grooming of next-generation leadership, mentorship programs, in-house training, other skill-based trainings reflects the belief and commitment of Baker Hughes in building a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Why is Baker Hughes the best place for women to work at?

Well, ‘Work-Life Balance’ irrespective of being a cliché is a de-facto standard here. As we all know that we are at the pivotal juncture of Industry 5.0 where bots-machines-humans would have to join forces. At Baker Hughes, there is a lot of thrust given in acquiring new technical skills, adopting best practices and processes, taking up certifications, and grooming for us to be ahead. So here every aspect goes hand in hand for a professional. I am very proud that the products that we build have high strategic, economic, and crucial impacts on the global Oil and Gas market which for me is the biggest driving force.

~ By: Pratibha Kumar, Staff Software Architect, Baker Hughes a GE company

Jobs at BHGE

Sr Software / Principal Engineer, Kochi

Software Testing Engineers, Mumbai

Data Engineer, Mumbai

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