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There has been a tremendous increase in the number of crimes against women in the past several years. No wonder, the girls live in the constant fear of being a victim at the workplace or in their way to office. Though the crime rates are soaring high, no girl in the modern era would like to keep herself locked in the safety of her home. The girls today believe in a life where they have financial independence and for this they have to step out of the doors. If you are one of those aspiring girls who wish to fly high, here are some important safety tips that you should remember and follow when you go outside your home to make a living.Lady using a spray can for self defence

  1. Be alert and aware: Awareness is your key to safety. Studies show that the girls, who appeared to be not aware of what’s going around them, were made easy targets by the criminals. As soon as you step out of your doors, keep your eyes and minds open. A crime can be avoided, if you remain cautious and intelligent enough to catch incidence around you that indicate something unusual or wrong. For example; you find a stranger following you. You can quickly move to a crowded place, call for help or stop immediately, if you are about to move towards any isolated spot. All this is possible only when you keep yourself truly aware of the surroundings and use your sixth sense too. Women are naturally gifted with a powerful intuition. Use it to your full advantage. Never distrust your gut feeling.


  1. Train yourself: Getting yourself trained in self-defense is a great idea. However, you need to keep some important things in mind when you enrol for any self-defense program or class. Some self-defence classes teach you martial arts. This is almost useless because they are complex and very difficult to practise when the actual attack occurs. A woman is stressed when the actual attack occurs and she needs realistic self-defense techniques. Choose a class or program that has good instructor who teaches you realistic techniques and let you practise those techniques by creating realistic attack scenarios.


  1. Escape is always the best way: Though most of you might think that self-defense is the most important thing you should learn to avoid crime, this is not correct. Escape is far better than self-defense. Why engage in any physical contact with the criminal that gives no 100% assurance of defeating him? There are chances that though you are equipped with the best self-defense techniques, the criminal is strong enough to overpower you. Thus, learning the methods to escape is equally or rather more important.


  1. Fight back: Even if the criminal has not made any physical contact yet, you have all the moral and legal right to fight, if you feel he might hurt you physically later. Studies show that your chances of avoiding a severe crime is greater, if you fight back early instead of waiting for the criminal to do anything more beyond the ‘limit’. Don’t form ‘limits’ inside your mind. Don’t worry about the society. The man who has just passed a silly comment on you or whistled at you today may cross the so called ‘limit’ considering your silence as your weakness.


  1. Carry a pepper spray and hit hard: This tiny bottle can be a lifesaver in the actual scene of crime. However, it can make the criminal even more alert when you nervously start finding it in your purse. So, keep this handy only for those times when you have other options available in case it doesn’t work. The primary method should always be ‘escape’. If the pepper spray doesn’t work for any reason, it is time for action. Though you always thought, it is wise to hit the groin first, it is not. Eyes of the criminal are the best place to attack and it is also easy to aim the eyes. Second comes the groin and you might get only one chance so hit really hard!


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  1. Travel safely: If you drive yourself to work, it is better to keep all the windows closed and the doors locked on your way to office or home. When you need to go for outdoor trips, never open the doors of your hotel room, if you are unsure of who is on the other side. Even the best hotels are not free from crimes against women. The criminals may be in disguise of an employee or even a genuine employee can be a criminal. It is easier for them to obtain a passkey for your room, so you should always carry a door wedge when you make outdoor tours.


Women need not be at home 24X7 in fear of the criminals. Just be a little more cautious and equip yourself with awareness about crimes and useful methods to encounter the criminals strongly and defeat them. I hope the above six methods help the working woman stay confident and feel secure when they move out to fulfil their dreams. STAY SAFE!


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