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8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you

8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you

8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you

Are you being constantly bugged by an unwanted character? Have you been very clear about your stand but he clearly doesn’t understand? Sometimes, people just don’t get it. They try and chase you for whatever reason that might be. If you are going through the same situation, you might want to know the best way to handle the situation.


It is very annoying when people get obsessed and trouble someone who is clearly not entertaining them. Unless to take the right steps, it will be very difficult to handle such people. In fact, this might escalate into a crime like situation. Here are a few ways in which you can ignore such people who has been irritating you for quite some time:



Avoid his texts:


Is he irritating you over texts? Don’t respond to his messages. Just pretend that you didn’t go through his message. Even if you want to scream at him for texting you, just ignore it. Once you give him the vibe that you clearly care about his texts, he will never stop. No matter how hard it is, restrain yourself from responding back. The best way would be to block him right away. This would be of much help. You will not even be notified if he texts you again and that would provide you much relief.



Don’t receive his calls too:


Whereas texts can still have limited effect, calls can harass you more. They might try to blackmail you about something or call you endlessly. If you receive and answer back, you will only let him believe that he can annoy you further. In fact, these calls will never stop. No matter how many times you make yourself clear, he will keep irritating you and will try to pursue you till he achieves what he wants.



Unfriend, Unfollow and Block him on Social Media

 8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you

There is no point following him or letting him follow you. In fact he might just steal your pictures and cause you more trouble. Of course he must be troubling you on social media as well. Don’t give him the opportunity to get in touch with you in any way. If you only unfriend, he might still be able to see your public posts. Blocking him will not allow him to find you anywhere on social media. In case he resorts to creating a fake profile, ensure that you don’t accept random friend requests. Also, make your public posts private or restricted to access by friends only.



Avoid going to places where he is a regular:


Don’t be going to places where he is usually found. Facing him in person will be more difficult for you. In fact, avoiding him will be further a difficult task. you might just feel like a creep should not control you whereabouts, but initially that would the option left for you. AT least let the matter settle for some time and then carry on with your life in the usual manner.


Avoid speaking about him

8 Ways to ignore a creep who is irritating you

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Doing so will only add to your stress levels. Even if you feel like complaining and being frustrated about what he is doing to take away your mental peace. It will be better for you if you avoid that as well. You don’t need to share these matter with just about everyone. In case, your friends know him too, there is a chance that your conversations may be leaked out. This will further allow him to bother you more.


Speak to your parents


Sometimes we just choose to hide such issues from our parents thinking that this might annoy them or they might just consider you responsible for his actions. However, it is better you clarify your issues with them because ultimately they will skim you out of the problem before the matter escalates into something serious which cannot be undone. If possible let them confront him so that he knows you are not alone. Most of the times, this usually works.


Go to the police


If he still doesn’t barge and sticks to his devious ways of irritating you, then I suggest to take this matter to the legal authorities who have the power to save you in this matter. In case the matter has worsened to such a state that it is taking a toll on your wellbeing then you should take the last step. There are laws in the country to safeguard women against such creeps and instead of fearing it you should exercise your rights and ask for help from the concerned authorities.


It is important that you know these steps. You can in fact help someone who is going through the same problem. Some people are just utter nuisance. So just be bold and don’t budge from your stand. You are not weak and don’t let someone consider you so.


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