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5 Things you need to know to open the heart of a Capricorn man!

5 Things you need to know to open the heart of a Capricorn man!

5 Things you need to know to open the heart of a Capricorn man!

In a relationship, it is difficult to take a Capricorn man into a dreamy land, Very practical, a woman will have a hard time in making him feel happy about life. They are generally very serious which can make them very boring when it comes to relationships. He though he may appear quite docile and tamed on the outside, don’t get deceives for he is already thinking quite hard.

5 Things you need to know to open the heart of a Capricorn man!

They are the most hardworking among all the Zodiac signs, burning themselves from both ends. His ambitious character will amaze you. And his practical nature will can be tiring if you are impatient with his opinions. Nonetheless, you will appreciate his respect and sense of responsibility towards you. Here are a few ways in which you can make this hard nut crack with your love:


General traits of a Capricorn man:


It is difficult to tie him down if he has a set goal. Throw whatever you may at him, he will weather the storm and emerge out victorious. He is always looking for the details and you can remain in his good books if you are equally meticulous. Being ruled by the Saturn, this Zodiac is a task master. His authoritative character can be threatening to those who are lazy and ready with excuses. He won’t be a risk taker. This means all his steps will be well calculated so help him sail smooth as much as he can. Set goals for him and he will be ready to achieve them in no time.  He does all his work in a time bound manner and if you are looking for the most disciplined father to your kids, Capricorn is your man.


What can you expect from him in a relationship?


You won’t really find a Capricorn man trying to play around with your emotions. He is serious about love and you can trust him with your feelings. Once he finds his true love, he will make the mountains move to keep her happy. He tries to analyse things before he makes his move. There is no middle way with a Capricorn man. He will either get settled with you, or move ahead with someone better if you don’t suit his needs. He will find it hard to express his romantic nature which is very deep seated. So, those of you looking for someone who loves PDA will have a hard time with him.


What does he expect from his lover?

5 Things you need to know to open the heart of a Capricorn man!

Being very practical, they like to have things equally shared. If you can commit to being devoted to a Capricorn man, he will stick by your side. He works very hard to earn his living. That is why he expects someone who can be worthy of all his efforts. A perfect husband material, he will take care of all your needs. So, it is never too difficult to pull off a marriage with this guy. He will protect you from all harm and will stand by you like a rock.


Seldom will you find a Capricorn man unfaithful because he will have weighed all his options before he finally settles down for you. He expects you to be stable. You have to be the one supporting him and giving him a steady relationship so that he can concentrate on his ambitions. Being very responsible they can’t help but feel a lot of pressure. You have to lighten his mood and open him up by easing out things when he is hard on himself.


Zodiac signs which are compatible with a Capricorn:


Cancer, Libra, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio

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Zodiac Signs incompatible with a Capricorn:


Gemini, Sagittarius


How good is he in bed?


A Capricorn man will be very detailed when it comes to all the actions between the sheets. As much as his is observing and meticulous at work he will take your pleasures seriously and will give you a good time. Give him the space to drop his inhibitions, you will be amazed at what he can do during love making. Being practical, he won’t really enjoy role plays and superficial stuff. When he does things he will give his best shot for sure.


How well does he manage his money?


A Capricorn man is great at managing his money. He makes calculated investments. His future plans are in place and will make sure that his old age is comfortable. He works hard partly because he is future well thought of. It is hard to dupe him of his money. So, if you are a gold digger and you think you can cheat on him, you are up for a wrong catch. He won’t spend his money on unnecessary objects but when he does spend, it will be on things that are a good value for money.

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