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8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

Equal pay has become one of the most important issues in the feminist movement. Around the globe, men are being paid more for an equal amount of work then women are. Not only are men preferred over women for jobs, where both the genders are equally qualified, the latter is also subjected to a discrimination when it comes to rewarding their hard work. Very rarely do we come across jobs which either pay both the genders equally or where women earn more than men. While the situation isn’t so dire in our own country, where men and women are paid equally in public sector jobs at least, in most countries, especially the western nations, where most of our workforce desires to get a job, the disparity in pay is huge. However, there are some jobs where the expertise of women does not go unnoticed and is rewarded with a higher pay. Find jobs for women. Here’s a blog listing some white, blue and pink collar jobs, where women earn more than men.

8 Jobs where women earn more than men!



8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

Being a chef is a big deal, being a pastry chef is even better. It is a well-recognised fact within the culinary world that the job of a baker is tougher than that of a culinary chef for not everyone can master the complexities of baking well, for those who follow Masterchef USA and Masterchef Australia this must be common knowledge by now. Although this field is dominated by men as well, women earn 104% more than men do, with their median weekly earnings being around $466, which is $18 more than what men earn. the difference between a baker and a pastry chef is not much since a baker becomes a pastry chef only when he heads the desserts section of a restaurant and not just a bakery shop.



Health Educator


In times such as these that we live in, where science has progressed so much in the medical field that we have not even one healthy adult left, the demand for health educators is on a rise. As the name suggests, health educators are concerned with promoting awareness and education about healthy living and wellness. The job includes development and implementation of strategies in this regard, along with conducting research and collecting data regarding health concerns in the population. Women in this profession earn $1.01 more than men on the dollar or bout 0.9% more. These professionals can be found in various settings like hospitals, private businesses, schools, government offices, NGOs, etc.



Personal Appearance Workers

8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

Humans will never get over their desire to look beautiful, and thus neither will there ever be a dearth of makeup professionals, skin specialists, and other professionals in this field. As many of us must’ve noticed this ourselves, the field of personal appearance enhancement is dominated by women. Most beauty salons around us are being run by women, and educational institutes of this field see a higher strength of female students in them. It thus only becomes natural that women earn more than men in this profession. Female professionals in this field earn $12 more than men, making a median weekly earning of $434. Opportunities for business have been created in this field as well with most buyers looking for natural and organic products to use, which don’t harm their skin.



Social Media Professionals

8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

The world is haunted by social media these days. The best way to promote any venture is to establish it’s presence online. Now focus on the word “establish” in the sentence preceding this one, for that is where the social media professionals come in. now that everyone knows what a great platform social media provides, they are all on it. However, only those standout and are able to reap the maximum benefits of this wonder created by man, who know the right path to follow. Thus, the job of the social media professional is to ensure that their company comes under the notice of the masses, and once this part of the mission is achieved, the next step is to ensure that it only grows from the customer base. Female professionals in this role earn 1.9% more than men or about $1.02 on the dollar.




8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

I’m sure that many of you were looking for this profession on the list and here it is. It’s a well-known fact that women dominate the teaching profession in our country, so much so, that kids in pre-school are assured that their teachers are their mothers when they are in the class. This dominance of female teachers prevails in the schools of the Western countries as well, especially in the schools if not so much in colleges or universities. Female teachers of kindergarten and pre-school earn $2 more than the men in this field, with median weekly earnings of $614.



Dieticians and Nutritionists


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Not only are people worried about looking good, they are now focussed on being and staying healthy. As the root of most ailments and their cure begins from what we eat, the world is depending more and more on the consultancy of Dieticians and Nutritionists. These professionals, who have a very vast knowledge of all the food items and their benefits, can also work out diet plans according to the age, gender and body type of the patient. More than losing/gaining weight, they are concerned with helping the patient maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Women not only dominate this field but also earn $11 more than men with median weekly earnings of $770.



Procurement Professional

Some business needs job contracts to run, all business need raw material or other items to continue their work and making sure that there never is a dearth of anything, is the job of a Procurement Professional. The work of a procurement professional does not only include dealing with suppliers but the handling of contracts and negotiating with vendors as well. This is indeed a lesser known field amongst the masses, meaning that no child grows up dreaming of being a procurement specialist, but along with proper certification, professionals in this field need to be confident, fast, and excellent at decision making. Women professionals earn $1.01 more on the dollar or about 0.8% more than the men in this field of work.




8 Jobs where women earn more than men!

Merchandising is one of the activities that is undertaken by the business in an attempt to attract customers to their product. Thus, the roles of the merchandiser include creating a ‘story’ around the company’s product or brand, which makes it more relatable to the consumer base and results in an expanded market. It can be said that the success of any product launched by an organizer depends on the efficiency of its merchandise. Merchandisers can be classified as Visual Merchandisers, who are concerned with the visual display of stores; and Product Merchandisers, that work on the overall merchandising of the product to make it appealing to the entire market, the ultimate goal, however, remains the same, i.e., increase in sales. Although this isn’t a field dominated by women, they earn 7% more than men, or $1.08 on the dollar.


Even, in these professions, the difference in the earnings of men and women is not as great as is the disparity in pay scale in jobs where men earn more than women do. Another thing to note is that this list does not include the highest paying jobs in the professional world. Thus, the fight for equal pay needs to continue without halt, so that our future generations don’t face the same discrimination that the current one does.

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