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7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

If you don’t believe in yourself then who will? Value yourself, love yourself. Know that you are beautiful and worthy in so many ways that you don’t realise.

Don’t judge yourself on the basis of what those who don’t matter think of you. Judge yourself on the basis of the thoughts of those people who matter.

Does criticizing really help you in any way? Reconsider this cruelty you inflict upon yourself and stop it soon, already!



Whenever thoughts such as “I am not intelligent enough” or “I am socially awkward, nobody likes me” comes to your mind, block them out. This might seem difficult initially but along the way these negative thoughts will gradually cease to hit you.


7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

Appreciate those talents that you have instead of condemning yourself for all that you don’t have. It could be as simple as a beautiful singing voice or a super writing skill, or maybe something as simple as your inclination towards helping the poor. You have qualities that deserve evaluation and not criticism.

Quit criticizing yourself immediately.


Make your talents count. If it is at writing that you are good at, then utilize your skill in writing for blogs or apply to Newspaper companies. Let your talent be recognized and this will not only please other people but also increase your self esteem and prevent from criticizing yourself.



7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

Can criticism get you anywhere or does it have the potential only to drag you to the bottom? If you give an honest reply to yourself you’ll realize that your expectations out of yourself are unjust.

You must understand that none of us can perfect everything in life at once. Some have an outgoing nature and public-relations skills while some are more sensitive and empathetic, who do better at places like an NGO.

We are great at what we do and special in the way we are.



Whether it is in your mother’s words or in the books written by eminent authors or in that small town guy who once lived in your neighbourhood and knew not a word of English who is now a well known lecturer at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

Criticizing yourself for what you haven’t achieved is meaningless. Instead look forward towards attaining your goal.



7 Tips to stop criticizing yourself!

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Don’t look at the mirror and grieve over something you don’t have but wish to. Please don’t. Nobody is perfect, just know this! We take what we have for granted and not realise the value of it. Look at those things you have, to be proud of.



Surround yourself with people who motivate you and make you feel happy about yourself. Move out of emotionally abusive relationships. People who care and understand you will always help you regain your confidence in yourself.

Cease criticizing yourself. Believe in yourself and have self worth. That should help you lead a more positive and satisfactory life.

Have you been victim to self criticism? How do you counter this issue? Has criticizing yourself on a constant basis pulled you down? If yes then how did you regain your confidence?

Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below.



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