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7 Signs you have a bad friend in your life

7 Signs you have a bad friend in your life

7 Signs you have a bad friend in your life

It is not always a great idea to bond with random people unless you are absolutely sure about them and have been together for long. You might land up in some kind of trouble or face issues in case you choose to stay in the wrong company. You should learn who to share your deepest secrets with. Many people just like having larger groups of friends just for the sake of appearing cooler. Even if they just don’t gel with the same frequency, they put up with the crap that is thrown at them. In case you still haven’t realised who you should stay away from, here are a few things you need to be on the lookout for:


They don’t listen to you


Even when you have a lot to talk, they act completely unbothered. They just don’t listen. they just turn their deaf ears to your problems. This simply means that they don’t care or share any empathy towards you. If they did, they would have offered you their shoulders or at least listened to what you have to say with genuine interest.  This doesn’t mean that your friend always need to be in the mood to listen. But if you see them being constantly distracted whenever you have something to share, then you have a bad friend.


They call you only when they need you


A bad friend only remembers you when he / she are in need. This means you are their scapegoat for whatever reason that might be. This will range from money, to using your social/official influence or even just to have some solution to their problem when they just need someone to talk to. What’s worse they don’t consider it necessary to ask about your well being when they call. All they do is talk about their need and hang up.


They don’t keep their words


They are constantly lying to you. Whenever, you need them to justify something they chose to escape from the venue or will lie on your face. If they promise you something, they pretend that they don’t remember anything about it. If you make plans with them, they will constantly postpone it or choose to be late by making excuses. Worse, they don’t even have the decency to inform if they would be late and leave you wondering. This shows how less they care about your time.



They spill your secrets

7 Signs you have a bad friend in your life

What you share with them today becomes a public news tomorrow. Even if that is not a very significant piece of information that has been leaked out, but the state of your relationship is far clearer with this. That is, your private information can be spread. This is a disgusting thing that a so called friend could do and you need to cut out such people from your life as soon as you can for this will only invite trouble in the future.


They mock at you in public


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If your friend has ever made fun of you in public, then he or she is just not right for you. Sometimes they might just pass sarcastic remarks which have the intention of insulting you. Though that might seem funny to other people who would enjoy that, it might be an utter insult and leave you extremely embarrassed in public. Your friend is just looking for ways to make you feel bad about yourself. if that is the case, you have a bad, bad friend.


They bad mouth you


Have you been told that your friend has been talking behind your back for quite some time? If you have the hints that this keeps happening whenever they get the chance to do so, they you must stay away from this person. By speaking behind your back they show that they are insecure and jealous. That they don’t appreciate your success and your happiness is their least concern.

They leave you when you need them

7 Signs you have a bad friend in your life

Did you ever feel that your friend was nowhere to be founded when you needed him/ her the most? Does this happen quite often without any necessary explanation? If you cannot depend on your friend to be by your side when you need him then you have a bad friend. You need to be careful because you might just land up in the worst situation when you need that person and he chooses to dump you.


Your life could turn into a living mess if your friends aren’t good. This is why sometimes it’s better to have just a few handful of friends who you can confide in instead of a large group of random people. More often than not it does you more harm especially psychologically when you get betrayed or cannot perform well in your life because of bad company. So choose your company wisely and avoid a bad friend at all costs.

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