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10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

Who doesn’t want a good partner? Everyone likes to be with someone who is good looking, young and attractive. But sometimes you just end up being a trophy girlfriend even though you don’t know it, I mean obviously no guy would ever admit that he is using you just because you make him look good, will he? It is not wrong for people to want you for your beauty and good looks but then would you like it that someone wants to be with you just because of the way you look and are not at all interested to get to know the person you actually are or love you for the person you actually are? Of course not.

10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

What Is Meant by a Trophy Girlfriend?

When a man dates a girl under the pretense that he loves her but is just dating her for her good looks and keeps flaunting her in front of his friends and public then such is called as a trophy girlfriend. Basically, he uses her as an ego boost. He feels that her good looks will increase his status amongst his peers, which by the way is shallow for anyone.

For a girl, it is quite heartbreaking to know that someone is dating her just for her beauty and that she is just a trophy girlfriend. Men do it to feed their self-image and increase their ego but for a woman, it is painful to know that she is just like a prized possession to him and nothing more.

So girls stop being trophy girlfriends because there’s more to you than your beauty. If you want to know whether he is using you for his ego boost or not then check out these signs

No Conversation About Future

When you are in a serious relationship, future is a topic that is meant to come in your conversations. But if it hasn’t, then it is something you should note. Why doesn’t he like to talk about future? Let’s just say he is a live-in-the-moment kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean he’ll never talk about future. Future talks don’t mean you have to talk about marriage; it might be anything about you being in his future.  If that never happens, you just might be a trophy girlfriend to him.

He Knows Almost Nothing About Your Life

10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

And that’s not because you never told him. Nah, its because he isn’t the least bit interested in knowing what you like and what you don’t. He doesn’t take out his time to know you more. Whenever you start talking about yourself he seems like he would rather be somewhere else, it is an obvious sign that he doesn’t actually like you. He just wants you as an ego boost, as a trophy girlfriend. Someone he can flaunt. If you are smart enough then get out of the relationship before you fall for him.

You Find Him Inviting You To Most Random Events

There might have been very few occasions where he actually took you on a date, like just you two. You may have attended any numbers of random events with him which he conveniently named as dates. But were they really date? He might ask you to accompany him when he hangs out with his friends or colleagues which might seem a bit absurd to you. He just becomes even more mushy with you when you are out in front of people and not when you are alone, it is obvious that he just wants to show off and you are nothing more but a trophy girlfriend to him.

It Is Just Your Looks And Beauty That He Compliments About

It feels really great when your boyfriend compliments you on your appearance. But getting complimented just for your outer appearance is something you would expect a random family member or friend to do, not your boyfriend. You don’t want your better half to just care about your looks; you want him to look far beyond that. You don’t want compliments just about your body and beauty. You want him to praise you for the strong-willed person you are or the hard working person you are. If it is only your looks he cares about then it is a definite sign that you are a trophy girlfriend, an arm candy whom he wants to show off to boost his ego.

No Personal Or Deep Conversations

10 Signs you are being used as a trophy girlfriend

Your conversations never go deep. You don’t know his deepest secrets and he doesn’t try to know your secrets either. Your relationship seems to be going nowhere. There’s no progress whatsoever. It is good to keep things light and cheerful but it is also necessary that you both know each other at such a level that no one else knows. If he doesn’t feel like sitting with you and talk about his feelings or his life, are you even in a relationship? This is the question you must ask yourself because if it is true you are being used as trophy girlfriend and as an ego boost.

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You Don’t Feel Like You Are In A Committed Relationship

You are a girlfriend he needs but he has never been that sorts. He takes into account only his needs, his feelings, and his family and friends. He shows no interest in your family or friends. Even though he introduces you as his girlfriend in front of everyone, internally you just don’t feel like it. You yourself feel like a trophy girlfriend because he never acknowledges your feelings. You just feel like you are being carried around for an ego boost. Trust your instincts at this one.

He Comes Off As Narcissist Sometimes

He is so engrossed in himself that he rarely cares about you. He is full of himself. You won’t find him asking how’s your day been or something like that but when you do ask him you’ll find him speaking so much about himself. Mind you, he won’t ask the question back to you because he is quite satisfied with his own answer he doesn’t want to know about yours.

Lack Of Respect For You

Whenever you are with him if you feel disrespected it is a sign enough for you to know that he is using you and you are a trophy girlfriend. If he hasn’t shown you respect while he is in a relationship with you then your relationship is lacking the most important thing and it is bound to fail one day. He wants to be with you but doesn’t want to respect you, it is because he loves your image, not you.

He Comes Off As Too Controlling Sometimes

If you are getting controlling vibes from him, more than what you would like then it is something you need to worry about. He seems too controlling of your clothing choices or your image etc. If he doesn’t like something you are wearing he is blunt about it and wouldn’t mind asking you to change it at that instance. He even taunts you about the way you eat or talk when you are with him. All these things seem to be a bit out of line to you then do something about it. Don’t be stuck as a trophy girlfriend and a puppet.

He Publicizes Your Relationship On Social Media.

He might love showing you off and it is not a wrong thing but there has to be a limit to it. Sometimes it is good to keep things in privacy. If he is someone who publicizes too much about the relationship while in privacy he doesn’t care that much you are being used as an ego boost and nothing more than a trophy girlfriend.


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