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Words you must never Google!

Words you must never Google!

Words you must never Google!

Words you must never Google!

Read carefully. I’m going to tell you something. Something that will protect you from puking all over your clothes. Something that will save your day.

We use Google search engine for every question we want to find answers to. Google to know what’s trending, Google to know the meaning of words like ‘acquiesce’, Google to know how to dress ourselves on Valentine’s and so on. Keywords were created so that we can have access to all the information the world wide web has to offer. However, some keywords can easily end scarring your lives forever. There are also some websites you must never visit for they, too pose the same danger. Here’s a list of words you must never Google!


If you want your eyes to bleed, you might want to search for these words. The video opens with a woman pleasuring a man with her hand. That’s not all. Then she takes out a.. ermm.. a large vibrator and forces it in the man’s rear. Heck!

If looking at a cluster of holes makes the hair at the back of your neck stand up, it is possible you may have Trypophobia. The term has surfaced recently but the fear comes from an ancient instinct to stay away from poisonous things that have holes in them.


If you think you’re going to see a waffle colored in blue, you’re wrong. Instead of seeing a tasty blue eggo, you’ll see some disease of the genitalia that won’t be pleasing to the eyes! It will have all the blood and puss that You can imagine.

Four girls fingerpaint is just another disgusting creation. Of course, you will see four girls painting with their fingers, but their paint of choice will be another girl’s feces and the canvas will be, AHEM, their very own bodies! Traumatizing, isn’t it?


No, you won’t see any sexy girl relaxing in a bathtub. You’d rather see feces. And you’ll see one girl underneath other playing in feces. Ew!

IF you value soft serve chocolate ice cream, then stay away! Your first thought might probably be two girls sipping coffee from one cup or something similar. But oh! If you type this word on the local search engine, you’ll wish to die! That might be an exaggeration but you certainly wouldn’t want to look up for this word. To help You save from the trauma, let me tell you what 2 Girls 1 Cup is about! You will see two girls defecating into one cup alternately and then consuming it

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By googling the word Lemon party, you’ll see three old men having a threesome. Do I need to explain it any further?

There is nothing to fret about this word. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people type Skin conditions on the internet, so why am I asking you not to Google this keyword? Well, the images will blow the life out of you! You will come across most disgusting skin diseases that ever existed.


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