How each Zodiac flirts using body language!

How each Zodiac flirts using body language!

Flirting through words and even eye contact is pretty easily realised, most often than not. Isn’t it? But did you know that someone might actually be flirting with you without the use of either words or eye contact?

Flirting through body language is in fact very subtle and not always easy to figure. Hence this article is going to tell you exactly what all to notice for when you need to know whether certain person is flirting with you if at all.

How each Zodiac flirts using body language!


Capricorn will sit across you because they want to stare at your face. They will want to get lazy with you. Have you lie down next to them to take naps and rewind. They will invite you to hang out with their friends, will want to be a part of your life in the things you do, will laugh at your jokes and be supportive of you.

Capricorns will want to be able to seem important to you. They will choose you as part of their team to accompany them to a social gathering. They have subtle ways of getting close. Keep note of how they behave when they are close to you. Look out for alluring romantic facial expressions, which is pretty common to a Capricorn who is trying to flirt.



You will find Aquarius around. But they are shy and might go into hiding when they become conscious of their being around for too long. Go find them, tell them you acknowledge that there is a connection (if you feel that there is).

They will look nicer than they did the last time you saw them. They’ll be all over the place – confused, lost, sexy, and alternating between controlled and vivacious. You’ll know they’re flirting when they try to maintain intense eye contact and end up bursting into giggles. They’ll release a lot of energy in your presence and smile dreamily when eyes meet. Aquarius is unpredictable and won’t fail to prove a surprise everyday when around you. But you need to show them that you are interested because they believe in giving you space and not forcing themselves on you. So assure them of your interest.



They’ll want to do things together with you. They will not only have your company but also evidently favour you. Like Scorpio and Cancer they are protective and demanding of their partner but in a sweeter way. They are gentle, loving and calm, willing to always be around and making you feel wanted.

You will know when a Pisces is flirting because their responses to you will stand out. They are also looking for someone who is going to be comfortable with doing anything and everything together.



Aries will get in your space. They will brush their body against your arms; grab you by the collar and plant a kiss on your mouth; wear a sexy perfume, you won’t fail getting a whiff of which from even a distance. You will be able to see their desire for you in their eyes. They won’t hide it.

Aries will either choose normal or passionate. There isn’t anything in between for them. So you won’t have much difficulty in telling whether Aries is flirting after all.



Taurus will have their eyes open. They are analysing sensibly and not intuitively. If they let you come in close proximity then know that they are comfortable around you. Taurus is very selective and its body language will be intentionally directed towards you as well. For Taurus it won’t be a subconscious act. It knows what it wants.

Taurus may have difficulty in directly proclaiming their fondness toward you. They will instead use indirect means to set it off with you, such as smart jokes or funny anecdotes in order to amuse you.



They’ll buy you gifts. They’ll smother you. They’ll cuddle with you. They’ll hug you from time to time just out of the blues. They’ll stare at you like crazy and literally use the body to flirt. Gemini will dress well, smell good, hold hands while walking the street and basically cuddle with you whenever you unite. They are spontaneous, fun and extremely lively.


How each Zodiac flirts using body language!

Cancer will want to be lost with you. They will stare into your eyes and laugh their endearing laugh. They will snuggle with you in the middle of everything. Cancer is touchy and speedy with showing its fondness toward or desire for you.

Cancer is very emotional and before someone they like they can get somewhat clumsy, losing control on physical movements and gestures. They’ll sit in your proximity, want to hold your hand and stare into your eyes drinking up each and every sentence you pour out of your mouth.



Leo will be loud and dynamic just like their kind, except they will laugh a little louder, crack more jokes, dance like crazy with you, mark you as part of their territory, show you off, grab you and plant a sudden kiss on your mouth and then laugh about it.

Leo will be competitive around you, trying to prove their worth; would play with your hair and will mollycoddle you with their love.



Virgo can be bold when it is fond of you. Virgo will come up to you and confess its feelings and ask you out directly – provided it feels that you’re as loyal and honest as Virgo is.

They’ll walk you across the street; hold your hand while you search for the house keys in your purse. They’ll make you feel special and adored. You’ll be the only one that Virgo would be going out of their way for and it’s noticeable. They’ll lift you up in their arms to carry you inside home.



Libra will mimic your body language. Smile the most gorgeous smiles you’ll ever witness (believe me on this)! They’re neither too forward nor too shy. They’ll feed you and clean the morsels off of your face. They’ll sing to you and kiss you after having sung.

They’ll cook you your favourite meal, show you off, drive you a long road to watch stars with you. They’re simply obsessed with the idea of you.



Scorpio will want to hover around you. They’ll make you their own. They’ll want to be as close to you as possible. They’ll touch you, A LOT. They’ll touch your hair, your nose, your cheeks, your fingers, you knee, the small of your back. If they like you, rest assured that they’ll touch you everywhere in the middle of anywhere.

Scorpio is pretty territorial. They don’t like to share what belongs to them in any sense of the term. So they’ll do away with anyone who wants a share of you. They’ll want to spend time with you in exclusion. It’s a good sign if they do. They’re affectionate, cuddly and controlling. They’ll just happen to do anything it takes for them to make you realise that you need none but them.



How each Zodiac flirts using body language!

Sagittarius will ask you out on a date, hold hands while together, and want to spend time going on adventures and doing fun things with you, when they like you. They may in fact even teach you something they enjoy when you are someone they adore.

Even though their energy is in-exhaustive and directed towards everybody in the room, you’ll be able to figure the main trigger to it, if it’s you. Their happiness of having you around will emanate in their bodily gestures

They want to take it slow, so just because they are flirting with you, doesn’t mean that they want to get into a relationship. They will take their time. But they’ll want you to be a part of what they like doing.

Now you know quite a bit about how each zodiac sign uses body language to flirt, so that the next time you don’t return home from a date without any clue as to how it went. 😉



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