10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

There’s an old saying that says. ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.’ We all know this and still, we continue to eat foods that literally have no nutritional content and we also prefer eating small quantities of food. By doing this, you are sabotaging your whole day. Avoid the given foods as much as you can as your breakfast:

A glass of juice

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Gulping a glass of juice in the morning instead of breakfast may seem a healthy option. Sure it is healthy but a glass of juice doesn’t constitute a solid breakfast. Store-bought juices are packed with carbs and sugar and will make you hungry by mid-morning. Instead, you should have a glass of water along with the whole fruit itself. You can even consider pairing juice with some healthy fat or protein for breakfast.

Low fiber cereals

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Sugary cereals that are marketed by commercials daily are not really nutritious breakfast. Again these are also high in sugar and carbohydrates and low in fiber. It will just increase your body weight but will never tame your hunger pangs. If you are eating cereal that is low in fiber and high in carbs it won’t keep you full until the lunchtime.


10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Okay, so juices are not that much packed with protein so maybe smoothies are? No, absolutely not. Smoothies are made with high-fat milk and sometimes ice cream too. Smoothies, though taste delicious, are often made with full-fat milk and doesn’t contain nutrition. If you consume smoothie in the morning as breakfast then by the time clock struck 11 am, your hand will be reaching for the jar of cookies.

A cup of low-fat yogurt

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Low-fat yogurt seems a good choice, right? Not always. Yes, low-fat yogurts are exactly what they claim: Low fat. But it is not enough to get through until your lunchtime. If you prefer eating the flavored yogurt to satisfy your taste buds then you are just consuming a cup of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Instead prefer plain, Greek low-fat yogurt to keep you fuller for a longer time.

Pancakes and waffles

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Pancakes and waffles are a no-no for breakfast. You are creating a major sugar rush for yourself by adding the maple syrup. Pancakes and waffles contain a high amount of carbs plus the added carbs that come in the syrup or ice cream. Is it really worth consuming so many calories, that too when you still end up getting hungry again in 2 hours? No, right! You don’t have to give up on pancakes and waffles. You just have to search for healthier version instead. Look for recipes that have better batter options, replace store-bought maple syrup with natural maple syrup.

Protein bars

Protein bars are go-to option for working people. They often use granola or protein bars as a substitute for their breakfast. Blame it on the commercials because they are the ones that claim that protein bars are a healthy fix for breakfast. Protein bar is packed with dried fruits of course, but we can’t ignore the fact that it contains the same amount of sugar. This will again make your hunger breakout, making you moody and irritated.

Take-out breakfast sandwich

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Sandwiches are filled with fats but we have vegetables to balance out the fats so sandwiches may seem to be a better breakfast option. Of course, it’s got protein in there, but what about the greasy, fried, processed patties that are sandwiched between the bread that don’t have any fiber? No fiber means you’ll be greeted by rumbling stomach way before your lunchtime.


10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Cakes in disguise are what muffins are. Those small, fluffy bakery products are mouthwatering and many of us just can’t seem to resist it. Store-bought muffins have a lot of calories almost-600 to 800. If you really can’t skip muffins then you must try baking them at home. They can easily be made as well as stored. Whip up some yogurt along with these muffins to make up a healthy combination.

Breakfast pastries

10 Foods you should stop eating at breakfast immediately!

Bagels, Danish, Donuts are all the kinds of breakfast pastries that all of us reach out early morning in the name of breakfast. Once we start we don’t stop at one or two pieces because of the fact that we are hungry. That means we are overloading the carbs intake. You don’t have to totally give up on these pastries but try to make it an occasional breakfast, say on weekend. Try avoiding it as a weekday breakfast.

No breakfast

Having mood swings and cravings in the middle of work might possibly be the effect of your no breakfast routine. You may say that you are not hungry in the morning and that’s why you skip the most important meal of your day. But that is the possible reason for your snack attack in the mid-hour. Try consuming one or the other thing because eating anything is better than skipping meals.

It is always good to have a healthy and balanced meal for breakfast. While we are not asking you to leave eating any of your favorite food, we are just asking you to be a bit more aware of your health. Here’s to healthy living!

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