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Foods not to eat at night

Foods not to eat at night



Most doctors and studies advice to, not eat after evening in ord maintain a healthy life. Studies balanced living. Studies reveal that people who eat their last meal, maximum by eight in the night, tend to have a better digestion and well-maintained body. But a lot of times, even when we try to stick to this healthy regime, midnight cravings bump in and spoil all the hard work we have been putting in!It’s difficult to stick to the rules of a healthy diet, but certain types of food must be definitely avoided as an option to feed our midnight cravings.Following foods must be strictly not consumed during late night hours.

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Meat : Meat is slow to digest and is heavy in nature. It slows down the body metabolism. Therefore, it might disturb the natural functioning of body and disturb your sound sleep.


Ice cream : Though ice-cream is the most widely preferred sweet dish after dinner, but it contains huge amounts of fats and sugar. This sugar doesn’t let the body, burn the fats easily and hence leads to weight gain and increased body flab.


Pasta: If you are hungry, pasta is a good option to treat yourself, as it is easy to cook and the nutritional value that it offers is balanced. But, pasta should be avoided as a late night meal because it may lead to weight gain and increase body fat. It is responsible for hiking the carbohydrate quantity in your body.


Chocolate : Chocolate is a great source of caffeine and is believed to be truly nutritious for your heart. But consuming chocolate in the night may cause anxiety and disturb your sleep. Just as a glass of coffee does!

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Liquor : It is a common myth that consumption of liquor leads to a sound sleep due to the drowsy feeling it creates in one’s body. The fact is liquor will completely alter your sleeping pattern and will arise waking up problems to your body. You may not wake up fresh and will lead to anxiety disorder in return.



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