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10 Signs you are dating an immature man!

10 Signs you are dating an immature man!

10 Signs you are dating an immature man!

We all want partners who are responsible. We want to associate with people who are mature and can handle situations quite effectively. However, maturity comes with age and not how knowledgeable one is. In fact, these days even older men tend to lack the maturity. Immature people make life harder for others. You might want to maintain some peace in your life make sure you steer clear of crossing paths with such men. Immature men do not really understand themselves let alone relationships and they are those who run away from accepting responsibilities. Here are a few signs the man you love or are falling for is immature:


They can’t handle little changes


Immature men freak out when things don’t work their way. They needs things to work according to their desires and when they don’t, they can’t handle that. They don’t understand how to solve their problems and that makes them very immature. Mature men don’t get affected by sudden changes for they take life as it is. They are well versed in dealing with changes and can effectively sail through hardships without complaints.


They cannot tolerate others’ successes


Immature men get very jealous of others. They don’t really know how to be confident. They are very immature that way. They easily get jealous if you choose to spend time with someone else. This means you can run into misunderstandings easily with this man. Also, they don’t really appreciate when someone else does better in life than them.


They lack communication skills


Immature men are bad at expressing their thoughts. They generally tend to hide that by just choosing to ignore conversations. They feel like communication is not at all necessary and will look for ways to get out of a situation  in which you want explanations. If your man had difficulty in communicating then you should probably think about the relationship again for this will only add to your troubles in life later.


They don’t make plans

10 Signs you are dating an immature man! 

Immature men avoid planning. They just excuse themselves by saying that plans don’t really work. That shows how they avoid taking responsibility when they should. Sometimes you will want your partner to take charge. But if he has no plans and has no counter plans in the event of a catastrophe then be sure that he doesn’t take life seriously. Mature men want to stay in control of their future and are very focused and organised about that.


They are very judgemental


Immature men are very quick in drawing conclusions. They just impose their decisions or judgements without taking someone else’s dignity in consideration. More often than not they will even embarrass you in public by letting out their immoral judgements which hurts others. So much so that they have driven you to a point where you cannot share anything with them. They are very insensitive about the way people are and do not think about what must have shaped them. It is very difficult to spend your life with such men.


They don’t value your opinion


Immature men have a problem in understanding people. They don’t really care about what others feel about a particular issue or situation. He wouldn’t really want to understand your point of view because he doesn’t want to accept the validity of your thoughts. He would just expect you to nod at whatever he says without raising a single question. When you don’t, he gets angry. In fact, he might even get to the point of hurling abusive words at you.


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They don’t value time

10 Signs you are dating an immature man!

Time is the most precious things one has. Even more than money. Immature men don’t realise the value of it. Neither do they respect theirs, nor do they respect someone else’s time. They underestimate the time that they have and tend to be very lazy about getting things done on a priority basis. This reflects in the work that they do and also in their daily activities. They want you to do things their according to their convenience and don’t consider your time important or valuable enough.


They love playing blame games


In the event of some trouble caused by them, immature men fail to take responsibility of the damage done. They will try and pick faults with others and look out for a scapegoat to dump all their responsibility on. This shows their immaturity. Mature people can accept their faults and apologise when necessary. They will instead look for ways to be better and correct the wrong done.


They don’t keep promises


Immature men promise you the moon and stars and when the real time comes they completely forget everything and resort to lying. Men who make false promises or don’t stick to their words are extremely immature for their neither value their words nor the emotions of other who they promise to.


In case you know someone like that or are already in a relationship with such a man, take a complete U- turn from such men for your life is doomed with them!

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