17 Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately!

Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

“Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to. Women learn to become attracted to the man they fall in love with.”

  • Woody Allen

Here’s how you can make your boyfriend crave you:

Eat Healthy, Squat Daily

Workout – for all men care about are good bodies and good looks.

Men are shallow creatures – they think from their genitalia.

While this statement might not hold true for all men, but it sure has some truth in it.

We are attracted to a human being at first not because he/she has a brilliant personality but because that person is appealing to look at. You instantly turn your head when you see a tall, well-built man who has a flawless beard walk by. Similarly, men too, initially get attracted to good looks and good butts.

They crave women with good bodies and pretty faces. So eat healthy and squat daily for a glowing, beautiful outer appearance. Wear good looks and walk around in a toned body, and you will find a lot of silly men running after you. Here are tips for proper gymming and exercises!


Acquire A Desirable Disposition

The next step is, building a personality that is alluring. Make yourself desirable. Be strong and carefree. Live life according to your own set of morals and principles. Don’t run after any man, let them run after you.

Here are several ways to build a strong and sweet temperament that will make every man crave you:



Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Be independent. Keep your own space, live life the way you please, travel the world!

You can start off by paying for dinners, taking him somewhere nice and making him feel that not all women depend on men to pay their bills.

He will notice the air of independence in you. And which man can help but crave a woman so independent and carefree?


Wear Confidence, Not Makeup

Wear more confidence and less makeup. Don’t fumble and falter and be all clumsy, for it is cute sometimes, but not always. Be more confident and less shaky. Here are ways to be more confident without wearing makeup!



Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Turn heads while you walk the streets. Don’t just walk – Strut! Sway your hips, emanating confidence at each move you make, and your gait will set the streets on fire.



Show your intellect off. Men crave intelligent, smart, confident and independent women. Nothing is more attractive than a woman of power and intelligence.



Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Wear a perfume to match your personality. If you are feminine – wear florals, if you want to feel more confident – wear Lady Million! Here are a list of perfumes to match your personality-type!


Be different

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

-Coco Chanel

You can’t be a walking cliche yet demand men to crave you. Men don’t crave what is common, men crave what is rare. So do we.


Goddess in Bed

Great sex leaves a man craving you like no other bribe! Be his goddess in bed. Rule him, control him, make him orgasm in ways he has never imagined before. Soon you will turn into the drug he can’t live without for no one makes him come the way you do. Give him orals from time to time to not let things get boring and make a man crave you. Here are a few ways to spice things up in the bedroom!


Cooking Skills

Develop decent cooking skills – learn how to cook in a microwave, the easiest and most scrumptious delicacies are made in 15 minutes! Make cream baked fish with mashed potatoes and pasta! It’s easy yet delicious. Or any other cuisine your man prefers and enjoys eating.

A woman with all the qualities mentioned above combined with great cooking skills is a woman to die for and not just crave.


Ability to Understand

Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Every man needs a woman who can understand him. In spite of having all the features above, unless a woman understands a man, his thought-process and cheers him on, he is of no use to her. Unnecessary mental stress is unwanted by all. At the end of the day, all we need is somebody who understands us and thinks the same way we do.


Praise his Sense of Humour

Laugh at his jokes and praise his sense of humour. Laughing together makes a man take delight in your company. When you laugh at the right time and at his right jokes, you make him feel really wanted. It makes your bond stronger building an endearing relationship.


Make Him Feel Special

Who doesn’t like to feel special from time to time? Like every woman, every man needs reassurances as well. Make your man feel special by taking him out on a dinner date or by planning the most perfect and romantic weekend getaway! The more you make him feel special, the less he thinks about other women, for you are what makes him the happiest.


Eye contact

Eye contact is very crucial. A woman who directly looks a man into the eye not only screams confidence and boldness but also turns a man on to the point where he can’t help but give out a little blush of nervousness. Look your crush right in the eyes to make him crave you. Never shy away from his glances. Here are ways to attract your crush in 10 days!



Ways to Make A Man Crave You Desperately

Take him off guard – surprise him! Surprise him on his birthday, surprise him in bed, surprise him with your tongue, surprise him with gifts! He will always be amused and intrigued by your unpredictable and delightful packages of small surprises.

Be erratic, fun and full of astonishing qualities he is constantly left to discover. Be his craziness and he will never for once stop craving you.


Don’t Nag

No nagging, woman! Nagging is one of the biggest reasons for men giving up on you and the entire concept of love and relationships for good! Quit behaving like all the other girls, and constantly complaining, being full of tantrums and mood swings. Nobody likes a girl who incessantly nags – it is a huge turn-off.


Leave Him Begging For More

And lastly, leave your man wanting more. Don’t give him too much or too little of yourself – give him just enough to leave him craving and wanting more of you with a mouth full of saliva. For if you give him all your time and attention, he will only take you for granted. So be that mysterious mist of his life, that comes and goes, rousing his sensations and luring his attention and heart towards you exclusively.


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