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Why do smart women struggle to find love ?

Why do smart women struggle to find love ?


The modern world has found an upsurge in the number of women who are strong, smart and independent. The Feminist outlook can take much credit in it. Women have now, a role to play in all walks of life and aren’t just caged or rather, cannot be caged, within the confines of four walls.


Science claims that men and women are differently-abled in terms of processing different activities.

While men can undertake activities that use the left hemisphere of the brain efficiently, women are more balanced in both the hemispheres. Men can solve problems methodically by breaking down issues and dealing with each, one by one. On the other hand, women are effective communicators and more creative. In a man’s world, women find it challenging to move up the ladder and those who do, achieve great success. In that quest for the higher and the best, women also search for a partner that can reach that bench mark. They naturally search for the man that has the power to dominate them. And, since these women have already achieved much, the number of men that can fulfil what they demand, decreases.

Smart women desire men who would be happy or quite willing to switch roles.

That would mean, he would stay home, do the daily chores, take care of the kids; while she would earn the bread. This model is somewhat difficult considering the not the just willingness of the man but also the societal structure that may not permit it.

Smart women fail to make love their top priority.

Everyone loves feeling needed in a relationship. Every guy, no matter how self absorbed or occupied he is, appreciates his girl loving him. Since smarter women prioritise their career and their life, guys find it difficult to hold on. Love like everything else doesn’t happen by chance. A lot of effort and sacrifices go into having a happy- ending. You might be occupied with hundreds of things at a time, but if you love someone, you need to express it.

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Smart women often mistakenly judge a guy by his resume.

That is, the school he went, a foreign degree or might be, a tremendously successful career. They fail to understand that it’s not a right judge of one’s character or how capable he is or will be in keeping you happy.

Smart women pay lesser attention to the feminist traits they are born with.

Males gravitate towards femininity. The Universe is made that way. Guys love those curves, the swing in you moves, those kissable lips. If you stop paying attention to or enhancing the feminine qualities, it is quite natural for men to repel.

Smart women believe that they can take care of themselves.

They feel self-sufficient. They are usually less dependent on men to buy them presents. On the other hand, men are conditioned to take care of a woman’s needs. A clash of interests often becomes a hindrance that fails to materialize into a successful relationship.


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