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4 Smart Ways to deal with judgemental people

4 Smart Ways to deal with judgemental people

4 Smart Ways to deal with judgemental people

It is very hard to deal with people who comment negatively about you without even knowing your story. Judgemental people are quick to draw conclusions about people. Such people are everywhere and it may include you as well. Be it your family, you friends, your acquaintance, your boss or even someone who you crossed on the street who knew nothing about you before passing a random comment. Everyone can be judgemental. As humans we are quick to dwell on the superficial character of things and people. While you can’t be a crusader trying to change people and telling your story to all, all you can do is choose to avoid any such interactions that fills you with negativity. It is important to know a few things before you deal with a  super judgemental person. This will help you tackle the negativity better without killing yourself being bothered about what they have to say.

4 Smart Ways to deal with judgemental people

Cultivate your confidence


One thing you need to understand about judgemental people is that they try to project that their life is perfect. They make you believe that they are and can never be the problem and the whole wide world is the culprit. They fail to see anything positive in people and are ever ready to pounce on you with even one flaw that they notice. In reality that are highly insecure which is why they try and derive happiness by pulling someone down. [Read: Powerful ways to boost your self confidence]


So, mater what people say, consider that a trick they pull to crush your confidence. You are wonderful the way you are. You have the right to be the way you want, dress the way you want and even lead the kind of life that you want. No matter how much they try and make you feel inferior just have faith in who you are. They opinions should not define the way you conduct yourself.


Don’t cry or feel dejected


This is almost always the kind of response that we have when we don’t understand how to deal with judgemental people. You should always avoid getting serious about the kind of response that that have for you. Most of them will point at something that they now is your weakness just so that they can hurt you. Firstly, you should take a lesson here. Don’t let someone know your weakness so that they can use that to their advantage whenever they want. Secondly, learn to set boundaries with such people who don’t give off good vibes. What they feel and say is their burden and not yours so don’t let that bother you at all. [Read: 5 Reasons why you should never make someone a priority]


Learn to say ‘No’

4 Smart Ways to deal with judgemental people

You cannot and should not have to please everyone you know. It may not be possible for you to let go of everyone who is judgemental especially those close to you. The least you can do is try and avoid confronting them. Leave any place that you come across them if they don’t give out positive vines for your growth. Keep your tribe small but make sure they have something to contribute to your life and make you happy.


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Avoid their calls, unfollow them on social media or just choose to give them some silent treatment. This is the best way to make them feel that you are powerful and they cannot make you feel bad about yourself just because they do not approve of you. Arguing with them will get you nowhere. So, it is better you focus on things that are more productive than nasty confrontations. [Read: Feeling Like A Doormat? 7 Steps To Feel More In Control]


Try and look for the positive in what they say


While the intention of judgemental people may not be great, you could try and look for the positive in what they told you. Don’t get too emotional about what they say. Think logically. If you feel you could work on something and it might actually be good for you and what they pointed as a weakness can be turned into your strength, then put some work and show it to them. That will be your greatest win than just getting into a verbal spat that is a plain waste of time. [Read: 5 Habits for a positive life!]


Those who are highly judgemental, fail to see issues from the other person’s shows. They lack the empathy that is needed to understand people’s emotions and their struggles. Either they cannot feel what someone else is going through or they just choose to gain pleasure from hurting people. Their judgements are a pretty lop sided way of understanding things and people. You should let their ideas kill you and in fact try sympathising with the fact that they do not care to think beyond their petty thoughts. Be the bigger person and let their judgements pass lie you couldn’t care less.


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