4 Ways to find your love offline!

Go offline to find love!

 Go offline to find love!

Just ditch your phone and see, what if your true love is sitting right next to you’

It is true that in today’s time where even temple rituals are performed online, finding your love can simply be carried forward in the same league. But the question is should it be found online? NO!

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world known to mankind and therefore, it shouldn’t  just be limited to your virtual world. These days’ people try way too hard to find love with apps and social media that claim to help find you love easily. If you are someone who wants to rejoice love as much as anybody who is in love then most importantly you will have to log out first. In this article, we will help you by providing some really effective steps that you need to take in order to set the real things real way.

  • Find Common Interests Offline

Go offline to find love!

By now you must have had a crystal clear idea that the profile of the guy you went on a date with via some dating app doesn’t match with his personality at all. With dating apps you can never be sure if you and the guy actually share common grounds of happiness. On the contrary, the kind of people you will meet at art fests, cultural events, museums and galleries or any other event of your interest will be more likely of your choice.

  • Volunteer For a Cause

Go offline to find love!

If you are looking for people who share the same ideology as yours, then the perfect thing to do is to adopt a cause. Pick up any charitable work that you really like to do like maybe volunteer at an old age home or at an orphanage or any other cause of your choice. The people you meet during the course will connect to you easily as you have come across because of your similar beliefs. This will help you build reliable and more stable networks and you will also see yourself being more indulgent.

  • Rule Out on the Move

Go offline to find love!

Well! Here we do not advocate that you go and have a pick on every random stranger you find attractive but instead just look around. On your everyday busy streets, just unplug your headphones and head on a conversation with someone you have an eye contact with. If you thing the conversation is engaging, you can fix up a small coffee date next day.

  • Get Things Outdoor

Go offline to find love!

Here we recommend you to opt for the outer space than the four walled space. If you go to a gym, then make some little changes by getting the cardio done in the park near you. Get an exercise high and go for a morning run. If you think you have spotted a hunk, which will be enough motivation to visit the park regularly. You can just say ‘hi’ to him as a conversation starter and just hope that it leads to something special.


These were a few suggested steps you need to take in your lives to get things special ‘offline’. Clinging on to your mobiles and staying glued to your computer sets will never land you at the right spot. Remember that to find love; one has to be at the right place and at the right time which is only possible if you are offline!



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