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4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

Marriage is rightly called the union of two souls and a fine blending of two individuals in terms of co-existence, mutual planning, and adapting to lifestyle that makes a common platform to work and live. It is a fact that marriage sets the beginning of a conjugal life but that does not mean that there will be a loss of entity in post married life. Then how to balance personal identity and marriage?

In many instances, the demand of equality between the duos often creates a clash of individuality, where responsibility of adjustment gets automatically bestowed on the females. Here often a modern woman fears to clutter or confuse her identity after marriage. Here go a few suggestions that will help a lady to maintain her own personal identity after marriage without being skeptic.

Are you new in your marital relationship?  Follow these tips from the beginning and enjoy a graceful social identity while enjoying your marriage.


Be financially independent

Financial independence is one of the simple but graceful ways of maintaining your personal identity after marriage. No matter if your husband is a billionaire or you have loads of family responsibility,you can do some work at last for 5-6 hours daily to maintain yourself and to enjoy a world of your own. Presently, lots of options are available where you can work from home also. If you can maintain an independent financial status, nurturing personal identity in marriage will never be a problem for you.


Keep an individual focus on yourself

4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

Marriage works as the gateway for entering in a new world of multilayered is really easy to get confused after marriage in terms of maintaining personal focus. You may not be the exception. But if you can keep some private focus on you or in your daily routine, your individuality will be more nourished and matured. Spend some time for your hobby, pamper yourself, or do some charitable work without expecting any recognition. You will find a new YOU within you.


Enjoy personal space and allow your spouse to enjoy

Actually there is no conflict between personal identity and marriageif you can balance the both. The balancing act will help you to maintain your special identity.While you will allow your spouse to enjoy his personal space, he will respect your sense of dignity for sure. Mutual respect and understanding of each other’s privacy is the core process for maintaining a personal identity while enjoying the charm of married life.


Focus on your career

4 Ways to maintain personal identity in your marriage

Professional career is a niche where you can enjoy your individual identity. Diligent focus on your career can create an individual image and you can come out of the social shell of a wife, a mother, or a daughter in law.  Sincere focus on personal career will help you to create your individual entity, which is the most friendly and graceful way to create social identity too.

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Personal identity and marriage are not contradictory but often misunderstanding and lack of knowledge induces huge gap in maintaining personal identity in marriage. The suggestion offered here are easy to implement but these are effective for result.These simple tips will help you to maintain a balance in your individuality and conjugal life with grace and sensitivity.

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