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8 Signs a Capricorn Man Secretly Likes You!

8 Signs a Capricorn Man Secretly Likes You!

signs capricorn man is interested

He’s a man that worships his work. He’s ambitious and no one can be above his goals. Right? Well, that is the kind of image he wants to build. But behind that exterior is a man who loves. Whose love is so great that he cannot even express it the way others do. He expresses his love in his actions. By saving up to buy a house, rather than spending on a lavish vacation. By investing in life insurance for you. Rather than taking you to date nights. If his stability is what you are looking for in a man, you have hit the jackpot. But how do you know if he feels the same way? That can be tough with his hard exterior. But here are 8 signs a Capricorn Man Secretly Likes You, that will help you know his true feelings.

signs capricorn man likes you

1. He Will Open Up to You

This is a man who seems like a robot. You would’ve heard people claim that he doesn’t have a heart. All of this would sound stupid when he falls in love with you. All the decisions he makes are very pragmatic. So, if he decides that you are the one, he knows he can trust you. This means he will start letting you in on things he doesn’t usually tell other people. These won’t necessarily be confessions of past life. But just general feelings he has towards people around him. Or things happening in his life. And yeah, if he has a past to talk about, that too.

2. You Will Notice Signs of Him Being Protective

The Capricorn male protects what is dear to him. He feels a responsibility towards those he loves. So, you would see him putting an arm around you to keep you safe from a fast-moving vehicle. Or be a shield between you and crowded space. If there is a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, he will be the first to volunteer as your guard. He will call or text to check on you. And might even tell you to stay away from certain people. All of this would sound controlling to a Sagittarius or an Aries woman. But this is how he shows love ladies. Deal with it!

3. He Will Dedicate More Time to You

He’s very strict about his schedules. Wasting time on frivolous activities is worse than murder to him. But do you see him wanting to spend more time with you? That’s because spending time with someone he loves is not wastage. It is an investment towards a better life. He wouldn’t be very open and forward about it. But he wouldn’t mind going out with you and having fun. A more extroverted Capricorn guy would even make plans to hang out on his free days. But you will have to make those plans with a shyer Cappy. But even those Capricorn men don’t mind going on a walk with you. Or showing up around places you frequent just to chat.

4. There Will Be Some Display of Affection

 signs capricorn man is interested

Now, he is not someone who believes in a public display of affection (or PDA). But even then, there would be some fussing over you. Or holding your hand in public. And other little ways in which he feels comfortable displaying his affection. He will display this affection by his actions. By getting you chicken soup when you fall sick. Or cooking dinner for you. Little things that would help make your life easier. He will be there to help you out whenever you need him. He doesn’t do the smooshy stuff we are used to calling love. But what he does have to offer is far stronger.

5. Always There to Help You Out

His love is pragmatic. He probably read Romeo and Juliet and went, “What idiots!”. But his love will be more beneficial to you than a promise to bring the moon for you. That’s just stupid and unrealistic. If it were possible and beneficial, he would have done it for you. What he does do, is helping you out. He will offer to take some of your chores off of your hand. Maybe pick your parents from the airport if you can’t get time off of your job. Or get your car serviced when you can’t go. Anytime you need something, he will be there to help. But if you take it too far, he will back down. He is a sensible guy. Don’t think you can fool him.

6. He Will Be Extremely Attentive Towards You

If you see him displaying affection and helping you out, you know he’s attentive. How else can he know the right thing to do at the right time? He is a gentleman, that much everyone agrees with. But you can tell he’s into you when he’s acting out of love and not just chivalry. If he has got to the point of holding hands in public, then that says a lot. The Capricorn male is not the man who shows physical affection in public. He must be 100% confident of his feelings to support this display of affection morally. Whenever you are upset, he will notice and try to do whatever he can to cheer you up. If you change your look, he will notice that too. He will pay attention to everything you say or do.

7. He’s Trying to Understand You on a Deeper Level

The Capricorn guy is not someone who wastes his time understanding people. But when it comes to the woman of his dreams he wants to know more. He would put you in situations where he can test your patience. He would test your compatibility with him. You would often find yourself engaged in intellectual conversations. Or talks about your life to understand where you came from. He would take an interest in the things you are interested in. He wants to know everything there is about you. But not all of this will be done through direct questioning.

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8. He Will Show Interest in Getting to Know Your Friends and Family

 capricorn man more than friend

Your friends and family are a big part of who you are. If you are close to your family, he would like to meet them. So, don’t be surprised if he asks to meet them. He wouldn’t mind if you ask him to join you to a friends’ get together. That is if he hasn’t met and disapproved of them already. However, he will try his best to be liked by both your friends and family. And chances are he will be able to impress both. This also means that he will introduce you to his inner circle. That is a big leap for a Capricorn man. He rarely lets new people join his group.


The Capricorn guy might not be what the movies told you your true love would look like. But he is better than all of that. This is a man who would never let you face troubles. He always thinks way ahead of time and has a solution for everything. He will show his love and affection through his actions. And if you get past the fairy tale narrative of love, you couldn’t have asked for a better man.


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