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4 Ways to keep things unchanged after sister’s marriage!

4 Ways to keep things unchanged after sister’s marriage!

4 Ways to keep things unchanged after sister's marriage!

 No matter even if you guys fight, pull each other’s hair and get mad at each other over and over again still you will never have enough of each other. Such is the bond and love of siblings. But a lot of things are said to change and bring differences when one of you guys get married. A marriage is a beautiful occasion in one’s life but this happy occasion can cause stress in the relationship you both have with one another.

4 Ways to keep things unchanged after sister's marriage!

Here is what you have to do to restrain from changes after one gets married.


Communicate as frequently as you can

When marriage happens, our whole concentration is on building the new relationship. Meanwhile a gap is formed between your siblings as you hardly talk to each other. If it has been quite a while since you have spoken to each other and feel that it’s too late to reconstruct the spark, then I would like to remind you that you are wrong.It’s never too late especially when it’s about your sibling. Take a fresh start and catch up. Make sure that you stay connected through Whatsapp and on social media. Meet up frequently if in the same city or else if abroad then stay connected through texts and video calls.


Include the spouse in your clan

Make space for the spouse in your plans. This will help the sibling and the partner comfortable with each other and making time for both will be much simpler than before. This way the spouse will also tour the crazier and fun side of you. The sibling can tell him about exciting childhood stories both had. But remember that forcing him into your plans and deliberating dragging him in your meetings will be bothersome and hence, his interest should always be respected. The sibling should also be mature enough to give the couple adequate space for their relationship.



Settle the fights at your level

Sibling fights are as natural as fire and water. A study conducted found out that sibling who fought a lot as kids are likely to become great companions as adults. The emotional connect is said to grow and become stronger when adults. What you both need to understand is that even if some fights are carried further after marriage, should never involve the spouse in matters between you two. The fights should be rationally settled at your level as sharing issues with your spouse are likely to estrange you from your sibling on emotional grounds.

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Plan a family vacation

It is always thoughtful to plan a family vacation every once in a while.  Vacations tend to bring people closer and vacations with your family will help your revive the bond and make new memories with your sibling. Check in with the spouse and ask him if he wants to join in for the vacations, as he is also an important part of family now. But is he wants to back out from the plan then respect his decision.

It is not as hard as you think and things can remain unchanged if a little effort is put in from either side. Distance, time and responsibilities can pose as a barrier but overcoming these barriers is possible with management. So, make sure that your lifelong companion, your sister, shouldn’t drift away from you after marriage.



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