5 Reasons you are afraid of commitment in a relationship

5 Reasons you are afraid of commitment in a relationship

Not all of us wish to have a deep bond with someone. For some of us, the thought of being dependent from a single person is scary. It is easier for some people to go around with plenty of prospective dates but the idea of commitment towards any one of them is not something they feel too great about. Worse, sometimes we just give in to the pressure of being a relationship but sadly end up hurting the other partner since we were never really convinced about committing in the first place.

5 Reasons you are afraid of commitment in a relationship

The initial butterflies feel great but as the relationship takes a serious end and the partner starts imposing their right over every aspect of our life or when we become answerable for every little things that we do; we break down because this is not what we feel we signed up for. Such people are independent creatures. They like to move in the direction of their desires which of course, changes through time and space. Here are a few reasons which prove you can’t handle commitments:


The idea of being single scares you


Do you constantly wonder and question your capacity to deal with a single person all your life? Do you feel like you are not made to go through the trouble of being loyal to him and this wrecks your nerves? You may be with a person now, but your still have questions about the time you wish to stick to him. You are still not convinced that you want to be his one and only.


The fear being dumped suddenly


Your past relationships have broken you to the point that you fail to have trust in a person for long. You don’t consider anyone good enough to deserve your commitment. You are convinced that happy endings don’t exist, that the only person who deserves your commitment is only you. The fact that you have been dumped quite a number of times before, you feel like you need to have your interests diversified rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.


You dread a monotonous sex life


It is more an inclination towards physical pleasure that you have. You love having sex. You get attracted to men initially and once that need is met, you no longer find the same spark. Your interest in men diminishes almost too soon. You are aware that a single man won’t be able to satisfy you for life. That is why you wish to stay away from anything close to a commitment.


You are very ambitious in life


You feel like a committed relationship will tie you down. It won’t let your soar high and achieve all that you expect from life. You know that a full time work will demand more sacrifices from you and may even push to the point of compromising. Partly why you wish to stay away from a committed relationship. This is not just to save yourself from the stress but also to save the other person who won’t be able to handle your ambitions.


You think you are enough

5 Reasons you are afraid of commitment in a relationship

Most part of your life, you have stayed alone. Or rather you have been taught to take charge of your own life. This means that you are not a dependent. You don’t need to get married or stay committed just because everyone else is asking you to do so. You are the least tempted to fall for a serious commitment at this stage of your life or anywhere in the near future.



Space is important


This is something that all want but are at times scared to ask for in a relationship. People initially love spending almost every second of the day with each other but with time they crave to have their own time. Some people are scared of a commitment for this sole reason. They fear not being able to do things they love because most of their time will be diverted into the relationship. Commitment haters feel that spending their whole life compromising on the things they desire doesn’t make them happy.

If you are someone who fears commitment to bits, its completely fair is you have your own set of justified reasons. There is no harm in staying commitment free if that is what gives you peace of mind. However, the above mentioned reasons are completely workable. You can give away your fears and take the risk. You never know you may end up being extremely lucky in love. Not every love relationship is doomed to fail. And what works for someone may not work for you and vice versa.

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