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5 Rules for dating an Ex

5 Rules for dating an Ex


No matter how far we have moved on, you cannot forget people who have been part of your lives. I personally, will never consider giving exes second chances. But all of us are different. Many of us have gone back to our old flames or considered giving it a thought. Of course, it doesn’t come with a lot of mystery. You know the person all too well, his likes and dislikes as well as his character. Going back, takes a lot of courage and the ability to put off things that broke the relationship.

Dump the Past

It is important that you do not bring up the past to ruin your relationship. It might have been you who had broken his heart or the other way round. Avoid speaking about things that have led to hurtful situations. You need to give him a completely new slate and try and know him all over again. Do not just assume that another chance would not require much effort. In fact, things can be pretty much difficult than you expected.

Stop Interrogating

It is not your concern what your partner did when you weren’t there in his life. When both of you were completely out of each others’ lives and you had the chance of meeting and going out with new people, you shouldn’t ask questions.

Be alert but not too doubtful

Just because you decide to start it all over again, you shouldn’t be completely blind. People’s characters take time to change. If he looks way too perfect, be cautious. Nonetheless, you also need to have a little faith. Else, things might be nightmarish Everything will come naturally but you need to tread with caution.

Avoid doing things that earlier led to your breakup

It is difficult for people to have a completely new avatar, but not impossible to mend the wrong they have done before. A basic rule that you need to follow while going back to your ex is to avoid all the previous mistakes. May be you were too clingy and giving, or that you were closed to let him in. Make adjustments. Understand what went wrong and work it out.

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Stop rushing things

Let it take its own course. You might have loved him and then fallen out of love. You need not express your feelings all too soon. Sure, sex might have been fun as well. And he reminds you of all the best times you have had together. But treat this as a new flame.



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