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5 Signs that you are in the wrong relationship

5 Signs that you are in the wrong relationship

Signs showing that you are in the wrong relationship

Most people love being in a relation. When we think of relationships, we also think of happiness, caring, love, loyalty, trust and understanding. We all want a balance and peaceful relation. When we are in a relation, we give so much time, energy, dedication, but sometimes we don’t realise what we are doing. We keep giving without having the same back. There are many people, who don’t realise that they are living in an unhealthy one. In this article we will talk 5 signs that you are in the wrong relationship.


When you live in the past

Very often this happens to most of us, we tend to live in the past. Initially when a relationship starts, everything may go on well. But as time passes by, it changes. We tend to become more attached to that person, and whatever this person does, will eventually affects us. But as we don’t want to let go of this relation, we constantly, ignore and still forgive the other person actions. Therefore, we tend to live in the past, we live in the old memories and emotion, but we should realise that time changes and quite often after several disturbance in a relation, the person also changes, he or she is not the one, we started this relation.

We can’t make each other happy.

Initially, in a relation, we get to know each other, therefore we learn what the person like, what are his hobbies, what makes him happy. But with time, it fades. Initially, after a fight, a hug would make up, but with time, it deteriorates. How much we try we cannot make the other person happy, and neither the person can. We tend to fight over the smallest thing, we lose the understanding and eventually we take distance.

Communication gap

One of the prime factors is communication. So, if you feel you cannot communicate anymore, then my dear, maybe you should think about it. In the start of a relationship, we want to know everything about our partner. Like, how his day went, what he did, but with time, we no longer ask the person. Rather we just concentrate on ourselves. Having a communication gap, also destroy trust on that person, and with time, we just fall apart and cannot even make a proper conversation.

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You cannot solve all issues.

Problems are inevitable. In relations we always have some issue to solve. The best relation is one where you ignore all anger or any negativity present. But when you cannot do those, and you still stick to the problems then you need to think about it. For a healthy relation, we need to solve all the issues, so that there is no misunderstanding. It will also help us, to be sincere with each other. Therefore try to talk, to discuss, even if something is time consuming, at the end there should not be any grudges. Else, you will never be happy and will always try to point the errors.

Always tell the truth

Telling the truth is the foundation of a healthy relation. If you want a long lasting relation and a happy one, you need to tell the truth. Hiding things will ruin your relation. You will always doubt your partner and eventually fights and misunderstanding will be created. If you want the person to stand by you, tell him the truth in every situation. This, will not only strengthen your relation, but will also build a healthy one.


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